Thursday, February 18, 2010

We have lost someone near and dear to us...Grandma.

Spending all the holidays with just won't be the same. There has been some wild Easter Egg Hunts, unforgettable Christmases, Thanksgiving feasts and many story telling tales at her house. It's the small things we hold onto in our hearts and minds that will always keep her close to us. Memories with her hold a lot of laughter and tradition. She was truly an amazing lady and she'll be missed.

Chloe with her Great Grandma on her 4th birthday!

Fathers Day BBQ at Chris's house 2009

Chloe with her Great Grandma out to lunch June 2008

Scott & Grandma

Surprise 80th Birthday Party in November 2003

Grandma & Chris

Christmas 2009 at Carol's House

Thank you for the stories, the laughter, the tradition and your LOVE. We love you with all our hearts Grandma!

Lucy & Bella in the sun rays




Bella & Lucy

Bella & Lucy

Cross Country Meet

On a VERY cold Saturday morning Isaac had lacrosse practice then a cross country meet. Good thing he had lacrosse before so he was warmed up and ready to run. Some kids were not so ready and crying because of the cold temps!

On Your Marks

Get Set


Run Like the Wind!

Finish Line

Isaac watching for Blake and ready to cheer him on!


Isaac & Blake with their ribbons

Valentines Day Stuff

The Wednesday before Valentines Day Chloe's class celebrated with the exchanging of valentines and cupcakes.

Chloe & Renee at Recess

Friday the 12th Chloe went to her friend Haliegh's house for a birthday/slumber party.

Chloe & Haliegh

Chloe & Renee

Chloe & Ally

On Valentines day we had lacrosse practice for Isaac then took the kids to their favorite pizza place!

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