Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Battle Of The Books 2013

Chloe competed in "The Battle Of The Books 2013" at her elementary school today.  She read all 15 Sunshine state books this year (actually before Thanksgiving).
The kids who read a certain amount of the books compete in a game show.  Chloe's team won this year!

Chloe on closed circuit tv

The after celebration with pizza and cookies!

Some of Chloe's Team Mates and fellow 5th graders

Me and Chloe

Chloe with her Award
The got a bag of treats and also got to choose a new book

Monday, May 20, 2013


LaxManiax Day at UCF

Chloe is now involved with a organization called Lax Maniax it's a Premier Lacrosse Program for girls in all of Florida.  This Sunday was "Maniax Dayz" it's their summer kick off.  Girls from all over Florida came to learn and play.  The age group goes by Graduation year so anywhere from the lowest (Which is Chloe's year 2020) up to the up and coming Seniors 2014.

Chloe has two (2019) friends Reagon and Katie who are also playing.  They had a great time Sunday for 5 hours of lacrosse!

The last hour and 15 minutes the girls all scrimmaged their groups. Chloe's group included 2020's and 2019's they are put together.  I got a few pictures from that part of the day.

Chloe is # 310

Chloe getting the ground ball

Chloe with the ball below

# 72


On the Side Lines

Chloe's crazy socks!  

Below in white are some of the older girls that are on a special team called TFG

Chloe and Reagon changed to White jerseys for 2nd game

Fantastic Day!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013





We couldn't have asked for a prettier day.  The weather man wasn't giving us a ton of hope, but it turns out he was wrong and no rain fell.
We had a plethora of sweet treats (and pumpkin flavored coffee) that morning poolside looking out onto the lake watching some cardinals and a river otter play.
The kids gave me some cards, poems and homemade gifts which brought tears to my eyes and a huge smile on my face!  I love those guys!

We drove to Winter Park and had an hour to kill before we went on a tour boat ride.  So we went up to the park and tossed the lacrosse ball around and Chloe also brought her scooter.

Chloe and her favorite her purse with Bunny in it!

A Winter Park Tradition - Scenic Boat Tour:

 For over 50 years, Winter Park´s world famous Scenic Boat Tour has given enjoyment to thousands. The relaxing, narrated, one hour cruise through the beautiful lakes and canals of historic Winter Park makes it a must on every person´s list. It´s really the only way to see the true beauty of Winter Park which includes Rollins College, Kraft Azalea Gardens, Isle of Sicily, tropical birds, plants, flowers and magnificent mansions.

The Scenic Boat Tour was a lot of fun...our tour guide "skipper" told us all about the history and houses.  I highly recommend this to everyone.

Looks Hunted!

Flowers and plants growing right out of the water

A Canal
There is no cover over the boats because this bridge would take it right off!  They are low and skinny canals houses along side the edges and boat garages

Chloe and Bunny

Our Skipper told us this tree was older than AMERICA and there's some amazing Spanish Moss hanging from it just over the Canal about 10 feet from the waters edge.

This boat had to back up for us... and the 5 other tour boats behind us

Our Skipper reminds us that every body of water in Florida could have these lakes do for sure and probably a LOT of alligators (one of the coves is called Alligator Cove).  Well then he says it's more likely to get hit by lightning than attacked by an alligator.  I'm not running out in a thunderstorm with a metal rod in my hand and I'm sure not going to jump in the lake as bait!
There were many people out on the water...they even have classes held out there for skiing, water boarding etc...

Someone put Christmas Tree Ornaments on this tree!

Tom Hanks rented this house out in the 80's for a Space Movie he was in.

Took advantage of the wonderful shops and eatery's down in Winter Park.  We had a wonderful lunch and a nice sweet treat afterwards!

We drove home and picked up the dogs to take them for a bit of exercise.  We went to Chloe's elementary school and let them  loose!

It looks like a safari in Africa with lions and prey...or maybe Mexican Chi hua hua's!  They were on the run and Bella really go Lucky down for the count!  There was a huge YIP from one of them!

Might be looking into doggie braces...kidding!  But seriously her teeth are hideous!

Lucy is just too cute!

Water Break...

Back to the house for some fun in the sun and pool!


Yes, Isaac is that tall!  

Hope all you mom's out there had a wonderful mother's day too!

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