Monday, May 20, 2013


LaxManiax Day at UCF

Chloe is now involved with a organization called Lax Maniax it's a Premier Lacrosse Program for girls in all of Florida.  This Sunday was "Maniax Dayz" it's their summer kick off.  Girls from all over Florida came to learn and play.  The age group goes by Graduation year so anywhere from the lowest (Which is Chloe's year 2020) up to the up and coming Seniors 2014.

Chloe has two (2019) friends Reagon and Katie who are also playing.  They had a great time Sunday for 5 hours of lacrosse!

The last hour and 15 minutes the girls all scrimmaged their groups. Chloe's group included 2020's and 2019's they are put together.  I got a few pictures from that part of the day.

Chloe is # 310

Chloe getting the ground ball

Chloe with the ball below

# 72


On the Side Lines

Chloe's crazy socks!  

Below in white are some of the older girls that are on a special team called TFG

Chloe and Reagon changed to White jerseys for 2nd game

Fantastic Day!

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