Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lacrosse Game #2

Isaac's now playing lacrosse and LOVING it! His first game was this Saturday. Ashamed to say I didn't bring my camera. Isaac did a great job. He played goalie for the first half and didn't let any in. He got to try other positions the second half of the game and did great! Our team won 3-0
Thanks to Grandpa and Grandma Marilyn for coming to watch out in Great Falls!

Our second game was today (Sunday). I did bring the camera and got some fun shots. Isaac did another half of the game as goalie with no scoring on his end. Awesome!
The score of this game was 5-1...we WON! That is not the best part...Isaac scored a goal!
The temps were in the 40's so we told Granny to stay home and stay warm. Chloe and I cheered though.

Isaac the Goalie...

Not allowed in my crease...

In new position running with the ball...

Right as Isaac #9 released ball to score his goal...

Proud Dad...

Team in a time out...

Isaac on the move...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Congratulations to Kara and Nick on their first born...
it's a bouncing baby boy!

He's beautiful...nice work guys!

Born: March 10 at 6:43 am
Weight: 7 lbs 9 ozs
Length: 21 inches


Happy Easter!

We were very blessed this year to have a lot of our family at our house with us to celebrate. I'm sorry to say I didn't get a picture of everyone though. Here are a few pictures from our fun day!

Carol and Marilyn
Congratulations to Brian, Anne and Emma on their new arrival Lacey Rebecca (March 25th)!

Grandma and Grandpa Dixon looking at some albums

Grandma Gallant

Grampy Isaac and Ryan hanging out

Chloe on the hunt (also she had a wardrobe change...not sure why)

Grampy and Granny with their FAVORITE grandkids

Granny and Chloe very happy girls!

Sorry I didn't get pictures of Grandma, Uncle Chris, Grandpa or me and Scott!!!
Next time I'll take more...I was just enjoying our visit.

Spring Break

We had a very early spring break this year. Scott couldn't take off the week, but we made the best of it and left Friday after the kids got off the bus to the river house. It was just us there...very quiet.

We didn't have much luck with some things this weekend. One was getting the golf cart going...we did eventually though!

We headed down to the new house to take a look. We found a ton of lady bugs in the top of the house...

Next on the agenda was a boat ride. It took us a while to get that going too!

Our trusty driver

Chloe riding the front of the boat with attitude!

What a cute face!

The men decided to go fishing...

First Chloe had to throw pine cones at ended up being full of bugs! The boat now had not only 2 passengers, but a bunch of creepy crawly bugs!!!


After the boys were out on their trip we took the golf cart for a ride. We ended up down at the new house and saw the boys drifting...well Daddy had a paddle in his hand. The motor had stopped so he let Isaac jump off close to shore and I took the kids home while Daddy paddled (with one paddle) back to the other house.

Kids waiting to see if Daddy would make it back...


I WON! OK I never win so I was very excited!!!!


It was a very short trip, but we had a great time!

Where have I been?

Our computer crashed so it was out for the count...for a while. Scott has been on travel for work a lot so I've been trying to keep up on his laptop, but can't do it with my pictures.

March has flown by and it'll be over in a few days! I have quite a few pictures from this month I'd like to share with everyone so let me get started!

Chloe's swim classes have went great...

Here she's doing a little chatting with the boys...

Time to pay attention and SWIM Chloe...nice arm motion!

So she got her certificate, but will take this class again in May to see if she can swim even farther and get even better.

Chloe at school on Dr. Seuss birthday...

Isaac's final basketball game of the season. He played against his good friend and classmate Ben..they were having fun out there together.

Look for the open man Isaac...

That took his entire body to pass that ball! Watch for that karate kick action...

Congrats to all the boys!

Chloe had a Kindergarten program/concert at school. It was called "A Day in the Country". They did a great job. Isaac was unable to make the program due to his first lacrosse practice! The poster hanging behind the children an the wall was made by them. They all got to make a farm animal in art class and glue it onto the big poster.

Chloe's is the farthest duck to the left swimming!

About 109 Kindergarten children at our school!

What a cute little farmer girl!

We are very proud of you Chloe! Great Job!

Grampy and Granny got to see what a great job Chloe did!

Always happy with Grampy around!

I'm going to do two more posts for of spring break and one of Easter. Enjoy!

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