Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Break

We had a very early spring break this year. Scott couldn't take off the week, but we made the best of it and left Friday after the kids got off the bus to the river house. It was just us there...very quiet.

We didn't have much luck with some things this weekend. One was getting the golf cart going...we did eventually though!

We headed down to the new house to take a look. We found a ton of lady bugs in the top of the house...

Next on the agenda was a boat ride. It took us a while to get that going too!

Our trusty driver

Chloe riding the front of the boat with attitude!

What a cute face!

The men decided to go fishing...

First Chloe had to throw pine cones at ended up being full of bugs! The boat now had not only 2 passengers, but a bunch of creepy crawly bugs!!!


After the boys were out on their trip we took the golf cart for a ride. We ended up down at the new house and saw the boys drifting...well Daddy had a paddle in his hand. The motor had stopped so he let Isaac jump off close to shore and I took the kids home while Daddy paddled (with one paddle) back to the other house.

Kids waiting to see if Daddy would make it back...


I WON! OK I never win so I was very excited!!!!


It was a very short trip, but we had a great time!

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