Monday, November 01, 2010

October 31st, 2010

(Renee's Pumpkin)


Isaac took the Hockey Player route this year and also added in his roller blades so he could go faster...didn't really help since most of the kids were running through the grass.

Chloe was a Fashion Model. Using my purse as a candy holder worked out as part of the outfit!

Renee had stayed the night with us and brought over her pumpkin to share. She was a director! She was supposed to tell Chloe what to do.

This bird came to check out our garage...weird!

Lucy not loving her outfit!

Ryan & Sandie Visit
October 28th - November 1st

Uncle Ryan came down for a visit and brought his new girlfriend Sandie (who we LOVE)!

They got to see both kids play lacrosse on Saturday. Played in the pool everyday (the weather was awesome). We had a night with the firepit going and roasted smores. Tye got to go to the beach and downtown Disney alone. Tried out Mellow Mushroom Pizza and SWEETS! Scott and Isaac went with them on a Air Boat Ride too! So they got to see some gators! They went trick or treating with us and handed out candy at the end of the driveway. Full weekend of Fun!

OCTOBER 20TH, 2010

At school Chloe got to celebrate her birthday in the lunch room with her classmates. She requested brownies (also one of Renee's favorites). Isaac's lunch ends when Chloe's class comes in so he was able to give her a Big Birthday Hug!

Chloe & Renee BFF

After school Rachel and Renee came over to celebrate with Chloe. They played outside in the yard with all the dogs (including Chip and Pie). Then the girls took a swim!

Once Daddy got home from work we opened more gifts...

Grandma sent a couple gifts from her trip to Columbia.

Hot topics this year...
books, clothes and new scooter

We got a surprise Halloween/Chloe's birthday box from Miss Denise!

Thank You!

Grampy and Granny Visit
October 15-18

Their visit was TOO short! We had a lot packed into a couple days though. We got to see one of Isaac's lacrosse games, but Chloe didn't have one the weekend they were here.

Chloe did get to celebrate her birthday a little early and got some great gifts. She also requested her favorite cupcakes from SWEETS!

Lunch at Mellow Mushroom...YUMMY!

Isaac's birthday gift from Gram Linda...good movie!!!

Come Back Soon!

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