Friday, September 01, 2017


2017 August

All Summer Vacations must END!  School begun on August 10th this year and the kids were excited.  Isaac is now a SENIOR...not sure how that happened b/c I remember grade school wasn't that long ago.  Very excited for his last year and new journey he'll have.  What a great exciting year to look forward to for him.  Chloe is already in her 2nd year of high school which seems unreal.  Where did the first year go?  

First Day of School

Chloe packing up her new backpack 

She's Out!

Isaac doesn't have to be at school for the first class of the day he takes it online so he left an hour later than Chloe...

Dogs watching Isaac go...

What do you mean Isaac is 18 years old?!?!?! 

 Grandpa and Grandma Marilyn sent him some goodies!

Isaac had some fun with his guy friends playing basketball and playing new XBox games that Grandma sent him over the weekend.  For his actual birthday which was on a Monday we had some dessert SWEET CUPCAKES 

Chloe torturing Bella...LOL!

Washington State... Mommy Trip

View from Mom's Kitchen Window in Prosser, WA
Love the weather (except for the distant fires that make it smokey), but to wake up in the 50's with no humidity and then get to be 90's in the late day..LOVE IT!

Humming Bird on her Trumpet Bushes



Lisa and Cash Anderson's Wedding

August 19th Wenatchee, WA


Bite to eat at Red Robin

Night Before making flower arrangements and bouquets & boutonnieres

Getting ready for the wedding....

Setting up wedding with help

Before the "I Do's"
I wanted to capture a few moments with my friend...she looked like a Princess

Their First Dance

Lisa and her dad Bob

Jeannie and Me
That Sunflower is totally photo-bombing us!  It was on the table behind us!

Mom and Me

Back to Prosser to shop and cook and clean

Baby..always wants attention!

Decided to destroy the kitchen and clean it all out! 

RimRock Lake Washington

Time for a little vacation with my sister Chris and mom at the lake!

Day before I left to come home I stayed at Chris's place... 
this is Pico he's feisty

The property is beautiful you can hear cows, rosters and there are goats too!


This is Lucy... she's found a good place to stretch out in the camper... and she snores!

Always nice to return home and get back in the grove of things.  Kids are a couple weeks into school now and things are going smoothly.  Lacrosse started for Chloe while I was away and even Isaac's girlfriend joined the Fall Ball team!  With this Gallant family your ALL IN...when it comes to Lacrosse...if you can't beat 'em ...join 'em!  

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