Monday, August 16, 2010

1st Day of School

August 16th, 2010

Our big 3rd and 5th graders were super excited to get to school today!

Isaac Turns 11 Years Old!

Grandma, Isaac and Dad took a deep sea fishing trip! I was not there, but thank goodness Grandma took some awesome pictures....

Isaac caught 11 Fish!

Don't worry they are not sick, but very tired and taking a nap. The ride out to the fishing spot was almost 2 hours South!

Thank you for such an amazing birthday!


This is the day Isaac should have been born, but instead he stayed with me almost until the 15th! Way to hang in there big guy!

Isaac's request was to have SWEETS cupcakes and Pizza Hut for his birthday lunch. We managed to make a Costco run in the morning get back with all the other yummys and have a great afternoon.

The kids had "Meet the Teacher" at their school so we did that in the middle of the day. They were both thrilled with their new classrooms, teachers and friends. Chloe even got her best friend Renee in the same class with her!

We got back home in time to open gifts...

A new hockey goal and sticks from Grandma and Granddad!

Ms. Denise always remembers her FL friends...
Isaac got a cool pin to wear on his fishing trip "Gone Fishing"

Grandpa and Grandma Marilyn sending Cold Hard Cash is always a plus!

Chloe got Isaac his favorite Strawberry gum and a new DVD!

The mailbox is always your friend around your birthday ...finding a fun 'Hamster Dance' card from GG Tudy and GG John! Money from Uncle Chris! Also a OutBack Steakhouse gift card from his favorite Coach Art who moved away.

Time to try out the new hockey sticks and goal. Isaac gave grandma a few pointers before being attacked!

What a fun birthday celebration! Then it was time for lacrosse time to rest.

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