Saturday, November 25, 2017


2017 November

It's November get ready for some fun!!!

This time of year we're getting ready for some lacrosse tournaments and the high school homecoming!   

College News...

Isaac got his acceptance to his very first choice of colleges
University of Central Florida

A few days later the official letter comes in the snail mail


Last Day of Fall Ball for Chloe 
Championship Day


After all that excitement of Chloe's games and winning the Fall Ball Championship....Isaac had his own game in Merritt Island then it was time for.....


Chloe met a bunch of her friends at the dance and had a BLAST!  Stayed until they kicked them out!

 Chloe wore my jewelry that my friend Lisa gave me for being in her wedding in was a perfect look for her dress!

Girls:  November 11th - 12th Veteran's Day Weekend

Wishbone Tournament 

Chloe and Scott had a tournament they didn't come out big winners over the weekend, but lessons learned and they got better 

Boys:  November 11th - 12th  Veteran's Day Tournament Palm Coast, FL

Isaac's been doing this tournament for years and it's some great competition.  The boys played 3 games on Saturday and then 4 on Sunday to win the Championship in the TOP division!  Have to hand it to Isaac b/c the last two games he played in some pain, but landed on top to win!  His team stuck together and played a great last two games against the best.  Tough Guys!

November 17th-19th  President's Cup

Chloe played in the biggest tournament out there this weekend.  She joined a team from Ohio of all girls who are graduating the same year as her 2020.  Chloe was a big help since they only had two subs on the bench.  They also picked up a goalie from California who was great!  This is a tournament with almost 300 girls lacrosse teams from all over the US.  All the colleges are there looking no pressure.

ESPN Wide World Of Sports

Day 2 
Chloe #10

Day 3

Chloe's Team Cincy Royals 2020

Ashley played on a team from Michigan and stayed to watch Chloe's last game

Palm Beach Atlantic Prospect Day 

Monday November 20th

Chloe went to a prospect day for the University.  She had a great time!  The school is right there at the beach so it was lovely!

New Sports Facility is only 8 months old

Chloe's gear in the locker room

Off to show their talent..onto the practice fields

 Home Field

Tour of the Campus

Gym on site for all Students

Dorm Rooms

Yes, that is a balcony!  


Lecture Room


Thanksgiving Eve

Wednesday November 22nd

We spent the afternoon with Grandpa and Grandma Marilyn enjoying our beautiful Florida weather while many other Thanksgivings in the past were a bit cooler when we all lived up North

Mellow Mushroom in Sanford was outstanding

Off to play at FAMILY FUN TOWN

1st on the list...batting cages

2nd on the list...Go-Carts

3rd on the list... Mini Golf

Boar Sitting...

Tossing the Score Card in the pond won't change the scores!

Scott taking Selfie's with all the Animals...

Kids wanted to do the Go-Carts one last time so they left us to finish the golfing

One last time in the Batting Cages

Happy Thanksgiving 2017

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