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2015 April

April Showers Bring May Flowers...also lots of Lacrosse and Basketball

Sadly ... Isaac's high school lacrosse has come to an end this month, but the boys went out with a big bang winning 9 games and only loosing 5 (3 of those losses were super close by one goal and we didn't always get a full game in due to scheduling).  Watch out maybe next year we'll go all the way!  

Basketball is now in session through the YMCA for Isaac!  Don't slow down!  

Chloe and Scott are in full swing with their Spring season of lacrosse.  This month also they had tryouts for Summer Leagues!  Choices!!!  Gotta keep moving ahead in this family!

We were very happy to have Grandma come visit us from Northern VA for a weekend.  We also got to see Grandpa and Grandma Marilyn some as well!  

Time to enjoy the hot Spring sunshine of Florida and spend time in the pool and working in the yard!  

Some photos not added last month that other people took....

Pictures from Charlotte Of Isaac on March 31st against Lyman HS

This one was his assist I think...he got nailed!

Going for the goal...

Pictures from Girls Lax Dad from March 7th Game at Lake Highland Prep...

Pictures from Girls Lax Dad from March 28th...

 Pictures from Girls Lax Dad from February 28th game at Sylvan Lakes...

Game 14

Hagerty High School vs Apopka High School 


Thursday April 2nd

It's the last home game and we're sad to see it pass so quickly!  Scott and I spent one last night in the press box.  Grandpa and Grandma Marilyn showed up to cheer the boys on too!  
Elias (Isaac's best friend) scored his first goal with an audience of his own...grandparents, parents and brothers!  Very exciting!

WIN 10-1 

Scott had to leave in the middle of the game to pick up his mom at the airport...our Easter visitor!  
After the game Isaac and I headed over to Basketball practice...YEP that's right!  We got a call earlier in the day that the YMCA had 2 openings for their Spring Basketball League.  Originally signing up Isaac and Elias for a Summer League, but now they'll get to play earlier than expected.  With lacrosse season ending why wait!  Isaac really got a workout that evening!  I captured a few pictures from my cell phone...

Elias will join Isaac and his team this week for practice and then their first game will be this Saturday!  

Game 15 game of the season

@ Dr. Philips High School 

Friday April 3rd

Seems like a very odd place for a high school right across from a major theme park... 
While watching the game we could hear the roller coasters and the dragons roaring...not to mention Harry Potters World!  
Beautiful day for our final game and Grandma made it just in time to see Isaac play his last game of this season.  

Win 7-2 

Parent Practice Weekend

Saturday April 4th

Now your in for it Grandma!  Glad she brought her running shoes, because she was about to get an up close and personal lesson in lacrosse!  This is a fun weekend Coach tries to have one each season to show the parents how the game is played and pass on some some skills their daughters have been learning.  
Grandma said Chloe was a GREAT teacher/coach!

The Set Up... the organization we play for wanted a photo from us and our team.  The coaches spelled out OVIEDO in lacrosse balls and sticks while I stood on top of my van (crawling through the sun roof) to take the photo from above.  

Great Picture...wish we had ALL 48 girls there, but we were light due to the Easter Weekend

Silly Shot

Ground Ball Drill 

Throwing and Catching 

Shots Fired...

Parents Game 

Happy Easter!

Really enjoyed have a long weekend with Friday off of school and spending time with grandma for a few days.  We had beautiful weather so the pool was used, the basketball hoop got some action, we went to lunch and dinner a few times also a nice walk in the park at Lake Mills, some indoor games and ping pong.  


Chloe and Coach Scott's Week 5

Saturday April 11th @ Sylvan Lake 

Game at 2pm

 Great Day of Lacrosse!  Girls won all 3 games with some awesome coaches on the sidelines!

Isaac's Basketball Game 1 ~ April 11th     

Won 47-26
Team Name Goon Squad

 Isaac was very nervous, but ready to put his all into it.  He didn't score any points this game, but got a bunch of assists and dozens of rebounds.  He played very well and we were all very excited to watch him and Elias finally get to play a 'real' basketball game!

Chloe and Coach Scott's Week 6

Saturday April 18th @ Sylvan Lake

Games at 1pm and 2pm

Grandpa and Grandma Marilyn came to watch Chloe play today!  Chloe put on a show scoring a few times and assisting other shots ... she's always so fun to watch out there.

This was a double duty for grandparents right after Chloe's game we had a few extra minutes to grab a sub and salad then head over to Isaac's basketball game...

Isaac's Basketball Game 2 ~ April 18th

Won 72-21

Now the nerves of game one are gone onto game two... It was a bit of a blowout, but still a lot of fun to watch.  Isaac got a 3 pointer and that was it for the day.  Otherwise he used his skills and magic on rebounds and assists!

Scott wasn't able to join us for Isaac's game.  Scott had a 'tryout' event for the girls summer lacrosse league with high school.  TEAM BEAST  Scott worked with them last year, but this year is a even more special being Head Coach of the JV team along with his other Coach from the younger girls league (the other coach Scott).  Scott will have girls on the team from his rising group he currently has.  These are a great group of girls heading into high school in a few short months.  Team Beast will be at most of the same tournaments as Chloe's club team Lax Maniax.  Should be a fun filled Summer of lacrosse and basketball!

Isaac's Basketball Game 3 ~ April 24th

Won 51-25

Well the night before they boys had practice (always Thursday nights at 8pm) so it was game on the next day about the same time!  Coach let them know just because the last two games were won easily doesn't mean they don't have to learn, work hard, and practice.  We really like this coach he's quite a great guy.  Ended up being a fun game with one boy absent they got a great workout!  


Chloe and Coach Scott's Week 6

Saturday April 25th @ Lake Highland Prep

Games at 8am and 11am

Our last 'true' season game.  We have one more event in May our fun day Jamboree.  Bitter sweet ending to this season with girls moving onto high school.  Scott started coaching with a group of these girls as their first coach....sad to see them move on, but maybe Scott will too and stay with the group into high school.
Winning all our Games...not a bad way to end the day!

Isaac's Lacrosse Banquet

April 29th 6:30pm @ the high school

Boys had their lacrosse banquet at their school cafeteria getting their 'letter & pin' and a nice handshake from their coaches.  Some boys won awards (upper class men).  15 of our boys are graduating this year so many spots to fill. 

April comes to a close and the count down to the end of the school year is underway for us!  The kids are in full exam and testing mode...also ready to burn old papers and study guides as soon as they are done with them.  Ready for summer, but have plenty to fill our May calender with more lacrosse, basketball, vacations...etc!  

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