Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Guys Day of Singing
January 22nd, 2011

Isaac participated in this event last year. He really enjoyed it and decided to do it again. He had a great day and did an amazing job.

Barber Shop Quartet

4th-12th graders from 17 Seminole County Schools

I love this picture...looks like praying hands on his face! What a cute boy!

Congratulations and Great Job Isaac!

Gram Linda

The kids got a nice surprise in the mail from Gram Linda... new pillowcases with their names on them! They are so cute! Gram says she's got more to send them.

Thank You!
Love You!


Grandma was in town for work and she made sometime to spend with us!
Usually we are go go go, but this particular weekend we just sat back and relaxed.
We did do a little shopping and went out to eat.

Isaac got her out to play some driveway hockey too! Grandma got to borrow some warmer clothes and Isaac's new Capitals hat!

Introducing "PEPER"

(Yes, that is a disco ball hanging in her 3 story condo)

Thanks to Amy Martin we now have a black bear hamster as well. Chloe has been asking for a couple years for her very own hamster. Scott and I have had them in the past and you never know if they'll be nice or naughty. After talking to Sue and Amy we've found out that black bear hamsters are kind and ...well LAZY! When we returned home Chloe asked if she could get a hamster like Amy's. I called around to some local pet stores (7 to be correct) and found a place that had them. We went right away. Chloe used all her saved up birthday and Christmas cash to pay for her hamsters CONDO, food, toys, and the hamster!

Chloe next to Peper's high rise condo.

Peper is VERY sweet and kind!

BUT, Peper is NOT LAZY! She also likes to play hide and seek! Chloe had Peper in her bedroom playing ...well Peper found a small place to crawl into. Chloe's cash register! Chloe and her friend brought it down and were in a bit of a panic. Needless to say I kinda was too, because we couldn't see Peper and she wasn't making any noise!
No more cash register Chloe! Scott had to be woken up from a sick slumber to saw open the register and FREE Peper!

It was kinda like watching a magician saw a person in half!

Very happy Chloe!

Did I fail to mention this was DAY ONE of Peper's life in the Gallant house?!?!?
On Day two Peper managed to get away and run into the bathroom...climb up under the counter inside the walls! I put out a treat near the hole and she was very happy to come back out shortly after going in.

Peper isn't allowed to roam the house.

Bella and Lucy love when Peper runs in her plastic ball. They follow her and get very excited when you mention Peper's name. We're not letting them cuddle together since we think the puppies would play tug of war with Peper.

More time with Granny
January 3rd, 2011

We got to spend another night at Grampy and Granny's house. We celebrated (a little early) Granny's 70th birthday! We let her open some presents and then all went out to eat.

That night Granny watched Fantasia with the kids and they laughed and laughed!

Ryan and Sandie helped get all the Christmas decorations up this year. It was their 1st Christmas in their new home and it felt so warm and cozy!

Granny opening her gifts...

Lucy was happy to have lots of attention from Ryan and Sandie!

January 2nd-3rd, 2011
Sleep Over at the Martin's

We are always thrilled to see our friends! Isaac, Thomas and Adam went right to work playing hockey in the garage.

Girls almost the same size...Amy's got a tiny bit on Chloe even though Chloe's 2 years older.

Amy got this cutie for her birthday back in early Decmeber... STAR (black bear hamster)
Chloe was in love!


Still in time to see the Beautiful Christmas Decorations!

Puzzle...I became addicted to it!

Happy Kids!

Time to leave...thank you for having us...we always love spending time with you all!!!!

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