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New House Part 2

New House Part 2...

Laundry Room and Pantry Door 
We were told they would take the washer and dryer, but they didn't so we got to unhook and put them in the garage to sell them on Craigslist later
We put in OUR washer and dryer, new shelves, flooring, organization, paint, and new door on the pantry.  Also there was a small closet in the laundry room that had a rack in it we decided to remove doors and put in a shelf unit!


Living room
We kept the fan, but the light and fan have to be on at the same time ugh!  So we took out the light bulbs might have to replace?  
We painted, new floors, added curtains and new sliding glass doors

Work in progress...

All done

This wall had plumbing done from the original that had to be replaced...it's the wall when you go from living area to kitchen on the other side of it.  Floor redone, ceiling, baseboards, paint, outlets, entire kitchen etc...

Great Changes!  

New... Cabinets, Paint, Tile Floor, Granite Tops, Corbels under seating area (also made that edge larger to have more space to serve or eat), Sink, Disposal, Faucet, Plumbing, and Pantry Doors
However we didn't get new appliances they seem to work just fine (thank God!)

We were told top of the line cabinets were in there back in 1991, but they defiantly needed updating w/ some that were broken, sticky, cracked etc... We didn't replace appliances (yet) maybe one day.  We extended the 'seating bar' area to be bigger.  A friend gave us corbels to dress up the look instead of the white wood underneath.  The counters were granite and we replaced with a lighter color granite.  Painted trim, walls and replaced pantry door, floors, but left the configuration the same.


The Kitchen Sink was a Disaster!  The faucet had water leaking out the top area and under the sink was even worse!  Mold and a gaping hole!  Gross!

New Faucet and New Sink and  New Plumbing
And no more mold and holes.
Nice new counter tops!

Far door in the photo was the door to the kids bathroom which we decided to close in

Inside View of Door

Door during construction

Bathroom Before
No More Door to the outside, new tub, new window, new toilet, new plumbing, new faucets, new lights, new mirrors, new hooks, new cabinets and new tile

 Door used to be on the left of the photo wall now 

Tiles look a little orange in this picture, but they are tan

Tan...like this

Teen Room
No more guest room...you can use the couch or blow up mattress...sorry!


New... Closet Doors, Paint, Flooring, Window, Window Shade, Outlet covers
Feels like home with all the vacation pictures on the wall!
Fun for everyone we have the Xbox, Movies, Dart Board and games in there.

Master Bathroom

This was the last big project and it took quite some time and made a big mess...but worth it!

Small Toilet Room in the Master bathroom
New pocket door with handle, new toilet, windows and treatments.
Baseboards and Paint...all new too!

Before During and After

New Windows put in look great have a sparkle to them and can't see through them

Demo of the Master Bathroom
New walls   New Tile 

Far End of Master Bath Shower on Right, Tub at the End and Cabinets on Left

Old tub with wholes for new plumbing

New Windows and Demo


New Walls and Cover holes for Tub (NO MORE TUB)

New Tile on Walls and Floor  

Old Vanity area

New Faucets

Mirror Medicine Cabinet Removal

Above Lighting area new plumbing 

Demo of vanity area

Demo of Bathroom 
No more Shower glass doors
No more Tub
Vanity gone

New Plumbing and Walls

New Shower Wall Built from Scratch with Nitch 

Outside of the Wall near the Vanity area

New Floor Tile Going in

New Shower Tile 

New Shower Inside and Tiled

All Done and In Use..

No more tub

Cabinets same style as kitchen, but different color
Quartz Counter tops

Pictures from the first set of pictures from the new house.... link to March 2016

In part one March 2016 on the blog I showed some photos of kids bedrooms...here's a few more

Isaac's room before...


Isaac's room After

Chloe's room before...

Chloe's room after...

Master bedroom

New flooring, paint, baseboards, fan, switches, windows, slider, window treatments

Below is The office which was a sitting room before we moved in and added doors to make it private.  It also houses our weight set and the dogs room.

doors after...

Inside Room
Had no ceiling fan before, new floors, windows, baseboards..yes everything!

Across from the office was originally a dining room
We changed it to just be a nice reading/sitting room 


Sitting/Reading Room

Foyer with office on one side and sitting room on the other
new floors, front doors, window, lighting, baseboards, ceilings, trim

Paint Job
The house was yellow 

No more shrubs out front and new color we love it!
Landscaping to come soon...when the weather cools off a bit.

I think I've shown the entire transformation between Part 1 and Part 2...

Part 1

Part 2 (which is this one)

We absolutely love the location to the school and work.  It's a wonderful new home!  

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