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Rippin' At The Ranch Lacrosse Tournament

Lakewood Ranch Lacrosse Tournament 

June 21-22, 2014

Isaac had another Lax Rats tournament (might be the last one for him this summer).  We love going to Lakewood Ranch mainly because we get to stay with our cousins Ronda and Pete!  The best hosts you could ask for.  With a loving new furry friend that joined their family HOGAN who the kids would have taken home in a heartbeat.  And always Madison (the bird)...brave souls Chloe and Scott held her!  We were spoiled with wonderful food, drink and company while we stayed with them.  


Madison (the bird)

Meanwhile on the hot lacrosse fields day 1 the Rats won all 3 games!  

Isaac on far right one game down 4 more to go

Shaking hands w/ the other team after the game w spanked them 10-2...YIKES!  

Scott and Chloe enjoying an empty goal for some shooting practice

Man down...kidding he was fine!

I love this sequence of shots...  believe it or not Isaac saved this!
Far Right #32 has the ball...

Isaac right...Mike middle...Matthew left 

Isaac snagged that one and he was way out of the goal...go Isaac go!


After we were into day 2 we won the first game of the day then were placed with 3 other undefeated teams for top 4 playoffs.  We were 3rd place and ended up in that same spot in the end.  Last game of the day was the best to watch if you were watching Isaac.  He was peppered with shots and had some fun great saves.  We love watching him do his thing!!!


Monday, June 16, 2014


June 14th and 15th Father's Day Weekend

Father's Day Invitational to Benefit Wounded Warrior Project Annual Lacrosse Tournament

Both kids teams playing in this tournament plus Scott's High School Girls, but at different locations in Palm Coast

Saturday started off early up at 6am out the door with coolers, tent, chairs, water, sunscreen, gear and excited people by 7am...
Skipping to the end of the day by rolling back into the garage around 10:30pm SUPER stinky, wet, tired and sleepy people...

In the middle of all that was a GREAT day of lacrosse!  I didn't bring my camera this weekend thought I'd go foot loose and fancy free.  I did get a few shots with my cell phone though.

The schedule was a bit hectic with the girls and boys playing at different locations.  Scott and Chloe were able to watch Isaac's first game of the day.  We had a nice treat with Grandpa and Grandma Marilyn now living in Florida and not far from these fields they came to watch Isaac for the day.  

Game 1 Laxrats vs Tamp Fire (yes the team that ditched us the weekend before) they went down!
Laxrats Win 6-4
Game 2 Laxrats vs Red Stick
Laxrats Win 8-4
Game 3 Laxrats vs LCO
Laxrats Win 

As we clean up our gear and head the 20 minute drive to the Girls Fields it's down pouring and lightning!

Chloe's 1st game was played with a 8-3 Win!  Her 2nd game was on a rain delay...

Chloe's 4:20 game was played at 6pm and another WIN

Chloe in the PINK in the background of her is another field the girls in Purple/Teal are Scott's Varsity HS team watching the JV team play

Chloe making an assist for a goal

Scott in the background watching Chloe's game from the sidelines of the HS game (he's in Purple)

After a very long day and a very wet afternoon/evening Chloe and Scott's teams were able to finish their games (even though they shortened the games a bit).  Chloe's team WON all their games!  Chloe had some goals and many assists.  Scott's Varsity Team won all there's as well with a JV goalie (who Scott works with) she did GREAT!  

Day 2 Father's Day!

Father's Day started a bit earlier waking at 5:20am and leaving the garage by 6am we had to drop Chloe and Scott at their location while Isaac and I went to his location.  Kids were playing at the same times that day so no chance on us being at both places at once.

Both guaranteed 2 more games if they win the 2 they move onto the Championships!  Isaac's team was to play Red Stick who they beat the day before, but with what happened the following weekend you never know if your dealing with the 'same' group of boys or not.  We were this time around.  Isaac played a great game and had a shut out which hasn't happened in quite some time so that was very exciting for him!  He did go down after getting hit in the family jewels (thank you Lord for the NUTTY BUDDY) look it up!  
Game 1 Laxrats vs Red Stick   Laxrats Win 6-0
Game 2 Laxrats vs  Gulf Coast Bandits  Win 7-5 (I think)
Championship Game Laxrats vs Top Left Loggerheads  Lose by ONE!  
Yes, it's a big bummer!  Isaac had some outstanding saves against these giants and had a GREAT time with his friends.  Not a 'Win Win' but kinda felt like one!

Isaac with Coach Trey 
(who won't be at their next tournament b/c he's getting married!)

Group Photo of the boys...Isaac in the back standing on top of a rock

Chloe won BOTH her games on Father's day and made it to Championships!  BUT like brother lost... she called me and sounded over the moon excited about the game...she LOVED the competition of it all and was happy she played so well.  Had goals and assists all day long!  

On our way home we stopped by Grandparents new home and got the 1st class tour.  It's turned out lovely and we're so happy to have them a bit closer than VA!  

So very proud of our kids this weekend.  Not only playing amazingly, but their attitudes towards their teammates, the sport and themselves!  Their gift to their father on fathers day... showing him he's done such an incredible job on raising such awesome kids!

Happy Fathers Day Scott!  You are the very BEST!  


Ron and Wilma

Overnight Guests!

June 10th-11th, 2014

We were very excited to spend a evening with Aunt Wilma and Uncle Ron.  They were passing through Florida after visiting Ronda and Peter also visiting friends along the way.  It happened to be the dogs 6th Birthday as well!  We got to stay up late and visit then off they were down the road early the next day.


June 6th - 8th, 2014 Lacrosse Weekend

Another Lacrosse Weekend

Isaac Palm Beach Blast in Wellington, FL

Chloe Southern Alliance Tournament Peachtree City, GA

June 6-8, 2014

This was the first weekend tournament for the LAXRATS to play together.  After a few weeks of practicing we were not sure what to expect from this group of rising 9th grade boys.  They have a good chemistry together and seem to work well as a team.  Such a fun group of young men.   

This little guy/gal found his way in our car on the 4 hour trip down to Wellington

The Gallant family had to split in two for the weekend since we were a good 9 hours from each other.  Scott was working with the High School Team of Girls so his rightful place was going to GA with Chloe and her great group.  Isaac and I got to spend the weekend together.  

Day 1 

Game 1 Laxrats vs Madlax Orange   winner LAXRATS 6-5

Game 2 Laxrats vs Palm Beach Revolution   winner LAXRATS 7-2

Game 3 Laxrats vs Laxrats vs Miami Squids   winner LAXRATS 12-1

A bit of a surprise we won all 3 games on day one and was in 1st place in our pool of teams.  Was nice to feel like winners!  A few of us stayed to watch the U19 group of boys play then the thunderstorms set in and it was time to chill out in the hotel and get rested up for day 2.

The back of the jersey for Laxrats on one side says "eat more cheese"  ha ha ha  
Isaac is #8 like Alex Ovechkin (Capitals Hockey Player)

Coach Trey and Mike (one of our defenders who just picked up the D-Pole that week he's a natural) 

Day 2

We were scheduled to play Palm Beach Revolution again on day two for our first game.  Having beat them 7-2 the day before quite easily we figured it would be another win.  Think again people... the team seemed to have a NEW Goalie and some of their players grew a foot taller overnight.  We were not pleased with this outcome and yes we did do a bit of complaining, but nothing was done to punish them.  The Laxrats put up a fight for the game, but lost in a Braveheart Overtime (3 on 3 plus goalies) it went on for almost 3 minutes up and down the field and we were beat 4-5.  
Our next game was against Tampa Fire and we waited from 10:30a;m until 1pm in the hot sun headed to the location of our game to find out Tampa Fire had left!  So no 'guaranteed' 5 games this weekend...what a bummer!  

Meanwhile... in and on the way to Georgia

LaxManiax Gals

Thanks to Scott and the gals moms for sending me pictures via text!  
Friday June 6th
Pictured Below Gillian, Ally, Reagan, Olivia and Chloe at their first pit-stop on the way to their practice

Pit-Stop #2  Lunch at McD's

They only got in one hour of a three hour practice due to storms...typical this time of year!

Katie joining them at the practice fields.  

Dinner with the Gals

Chloe's Selfie w/ Ally

Some of the gals were on different teams... Chloe was on the same team as Olivia and Reagan this weekend. Their first game they lost 12-1.  Their second game they won 18-0!  Their third game they lost close 5-6 which meant they'd miss the playoffs and only get one game the next day...bummer.  Over all a GREAT day of lacrosse and Chloe had some assists and goals.  Scott texted me and was very proud of her skills and had a great time.  Scott got to be with his BEAST team as well part of the day while Chloe spent time w/ her friends.  Day 2 Chloe's team lost their only game by 2 goals, but still had a great time!  

Hotel Pool 

Chloe in the middle with the long socks on

Dinner out with the families at Mellow Mushroom in GA

 Always a great weekend when we play lacrosse and have fun w/ our friends!

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