Saturday, June 28, 2014


Rippin' At The Ranch Lacrosse Tournament

Lakewood Ranch Lacrosse Tournament 

June 21-22, 2014

Isaac had another Lax Rats tournament (might be the last one for him this summer).  We love going to Lakewood Ranch mainly because we get to stay with our cousins Ronda and Pete!  The best hosts you could ask for.  With a loving new furry friend that joined their family HOGAN who the kids would have taken home in a heartbeat.  And always Madison (the bird)...brave souls Chloe and Scott held her!  We were spoiled with wonderful food, drink and company while we stayed with them.  


Madison (the bird)

Meanwhile on the hot lacrosse fields day 1 the Rats won all 3 games!  

Isaac on far right one game down 4 more to go

Shaking hands w/ the other team after the game w spanked them 10-2...YIKES!  

Scott and Chloe enjoying an empty goal for some shooting practice

Man down...kidding he was fine!

I love this sequence of shots...  believe it or not Isaac saved this!
Far Right #32 has the ball...

Isaac right...Mike middle...Matthew left 

Isaac snagged that one and he was way out of the goal...go Isaac go!


After we were into day 2 we won the first game of the day then were placed with 3 other undefeated teams for top 4 playoffs.  We were 3rd place and ended up in that same spot in the end.  Last game of the day was the best to watch if you were watching Isaac.  He was peppered with shots and had some fun great saves.  We love watching him do his thing!!!


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