Wednesday, March 13, 2013



March 9th - 12th 

I had a nice 30 minute show of one of the otters that lives in our lake playing right off the shoreline.  We have decoy ducks that protect the pipes that pumps water for our sprinkler system.  This otter I think wanted to play with them.  He/She swam around up and down showing off around them.  Very entertaining!  

Lacrosse...of coarse hard to go a weekend without some pictures....

Chloe's game...

I only saw half of.  Didn't get many pictures at all it went too fast!  The first half of the game was ok.  They seemed to be doing well maybe up by a goal or two, but they seemed a little dazed and confused!
Apparently after I left the second half of the game was outstanding.  The girls needed a good talkin' too and they were back on their game...scored 8 goals quickly.  Coach Scott told them to pass 4 times before they even shot the ball since they were doing so well.  NICE!

Isaac's Game...

He was on B team this week and needless to say the ball wasn't being caught a lot by the players on the field or passed well either.  Sometimes it was down right comical.  

On the other hand this gave Isaac a TON of play time.  He had 22 shots on goal he saved 18!  He was on FIRE!  The other team parents on the sidelines were even commenting on his skills and one lady even yelled out "GOALIE YOUR A BEAST".  I didn't have my 'Goalie Mom' shirt on this week, but I was super proud and lovin' every minute of watching him.  They lost the game by 2 goals (think we only had 5 shots on goal from our boys), but Isaac still had a blast!  Lots of compliments all around from other coaches and players.  

Chloe and Scott made it to the last half of Isaac's game...Chloe taking a lunch break.

Beyond the white fence across the street from us is a house that has a few dogs.  In years past the dogs have crawled under the fence and come over to play.  Chloe (our animal lover) takes advantage of these pooches and really loves on them.  A few years ago 2 dogs would come over often 'Chip and Pie' Chloe would give them names.  We hadn't seen either of them in quite some time.  Chloe figured Chip had been long gone.  A couple nights ago a new dog showed up 'Spike' Chloe was in love!  She couldn't get enough of this little guy and was super upset when he had to go home.  Well 2 days later here comes Spike and CHIP!  Chloe was over the moon happy to play with them.   The owners try to block the bottom of the fence so not sure how often we'll get to see these cutie pies, but Chloe has a great time while they are here!

 Chloe and Spike

Chloe Spike and Chip

Never a dull moment around here!

Sunday, March 03, 2013


Randolf...the Sandhill Crane

March 2nd

Chloe was outside playing when this Sandhill crane decided to hang out at our front door. He was very friendly and so Chloe named him Randolf.  She fed him a slice of bread...he wasn't interested in the Cheerios or maybe he was just full?  

Hello People!

Thanks for the grub




View through the front door

Rubbing his head

Silly Girl! 
Bella wanted a piece of Randolf!  She was going nuts!

Lucy will listen and stay


Isaac's Lacrosse Game

Saturday March 2, 2013

After Chloe's game we headed over to Isaac's field about 5 minutes away. We have been blessed to have 2 weeks in a row where we can be at both games. This won't last all season, but I'm taking advantage of it and taking some photos.

Isaac's game was a pretty good match up this weekend. They came out on top with a 6-3 win!

"I've got this"
Nice grab
Isaac running up side to clear the ball
Doesn't save this one
Saves this one!
Isaac well out of his crease you can see the ball to the far left coming at him
You can see the ball by the goal went wide!  
NICE picture looks like he's taking the Ref's head off!  
Isaac is a great communicator on his team you can hear him loud and clean on the sidelines 


Chloe's Lacrosse

Saturday March 2, 2013

Chloe's 2nd game of the season was a chilly one! We don't expect this kind of weather in Florida in March!

We started the game off down by 2 points, but by half time we were tied up. It was a nail biter ...they score...we score so on and so forth!
We pulled off a WIN in the end 7-5!

Chloe had 1 assist and 2 GOALS!

Chloe was a rock star!

Not sure why these pictures are out of order so sorry for the confusion!

Chloe going in for a goal
Before the game
After the Game
Chloe's got the ball 
Game Face
Team coming in for a cheer from Parents
Lets get this game started!
Cute Face
Chloe Scores!
On the Run

She scores!

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