Sunday, March 03, 2013


Isaac's Lacrosse Game

Saturday March 2, 2013

After Chloe's game we headed over to Isaac's field about 5 minutes away. We have been blessed to have 2 weeks in a row where we can be at both games. This won't last all season, but I'm taking advantage of it and taking some photos.

Isaac's game was a pretty good match up this weekend. They came out on top with a 6-3 win!

"I've got this"
Nice grab
Isaac running up side to clear the ball
Doesn't save this one
Saves this one!
Isaac well out of his crease you can see the ball to the far left coming at him
You can see the ball by the goal went wide!  
NICE picture looks like he's taking the Ref's head off!  
Isaac is a great communicator on his team you can hear him loud and clean on the sidelines 

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