Monday, July 30, 2007

Our Weekend...

The weather was great this Saturday so we took advantage of it and went to play outside. Isaac got first choice to play at one of the near by elementary schools. Scott's feeling better and playing a little basketball.

By little I mean small hoop and against a little competitor...Little Man Isaac.

Chloe and I decided that basketball wasn't our thing so we chose some of the other activities.


Not yet ready to cross the monkey bars on her own, but sure likes to try...

What a beauty!

Chloe's choice was to play in one of our neighborhood playgrounds. It was getting mighty hot at this point so we didn't stay long, but the kids made the most of it.

Later that night the kids went to 'Kids for Christ' at church and played games, sang songs, had fellowship and ate some dinner. Busy weekend as usual, but always fun!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Just when you think your yard belongs to you...

Today I was all alone. Grandma had the kids over night so she could take them to her company picnic today. I woke up with Scott around 6:45am and had breakfast with he was leaving I asked him "what do I do with myself today?". I decided that would be a great moment to run in small circles and scream like the kids tend to do when they are excited!

I made the most of it...cleaned out the storage room and worked in the yard. Here's where the title to this blog begins.
I had to tackle the over grown holly bush (it's not a's a tree). A bird has decided it belongs to her and not the Gallants. I started out under the 'tree' and was trimming it while Ms. Birdy squawked at me from the ledge of our garage (only a few feet from my head). She then flew to the neighbors tree and also on the railing to their front door. I had to get on a ladder to trim the top...this is were it got ugly. She would dive bomb me squawking and I never knew from which spot she was coming from. I worked as quickly as I could then I had to pick up all the trimmings. She was relentless! I started yelling into the sky and waving my rake in the air (if the neighbors were watching me...I must have looked like I'd completely lost it)! My crazy lady act did NOT scare Ms. Birdy. So for all of you who have crazy birds in your yard...STAY CLEAR!

After my traumatizing morning outside I needed a little retail therapy so I went to the mall.

This story does have a happy ending!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Isaac's last day of camp was today and he won a trophy! Out of 75 kids only 15 got trophies...
Isaac was voted (by the coaches and counselors) "Mr. Hustle" for 7-9 year old group. I was in the back of the gym and he got up when his name was called...gave the guys high fives or fist fives then got his trophy and headed back to his group. About 30 seconds later he looked back at me and gave me a huge smile and big thumbs up. What a cutie!

Isaac's 2nd front tooth was hanging on for dear life and finally Chloe got a chance to knock it out! Nothing like a little sister to punch you in the mouth...



He looks like a little jack-o-lantern!

The kids asked me to take this photo of them...

It's been a fun week and a busy one. Glad it's the weekend...what's next!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Scott had his appointment today 2 weeks post-op. He was told he could get back behind the wheel and just walk no other exercises. Keep taking it easy too. After 4 weeks post-op he'll start back exercises (he was given a chart). At the end of August he'll go back to the doctor and see if there needs to be physical therapy. We'll keep you posted.

Isaac did a week long basketball camp this week at a local high school. His skills are being sharpened and he's having fun. Each day he scores more and more baskets! Chloe has taken a creative dance class this summer. She's been a butterfly, beach bum, cowgirl and a few other fun things. She has also made some great art in her weekly art class.

I was able to get a night out with my friends Kara and Lea to a concert. We got to see Daughtry, Staind and Nickelback. In my opinion Daughtry could have played for hours...he sounded great. Nickelback was very friendly to the crowd...throwing out bottles of water then later (plastic) bottles of beer. It was a hot and humid night. All the bands sounded great!

Thanks Edwards Family for the Harry&David goodies...we know they were a 'Get Well' gift for Scott, but we all had to par-take!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Update on Scott...
He's recovering slowly. He's determined not to get help moving around, but we all help him with getting his work station set up and his meals to him.
For the first few days we all stayed inside just in case he needed anything. On Monday the kids and I went to my moms house to enjoy her community pool then to lunch. It was an extremely hot day, but fun to get out and splash around. Also Scott started working again on Monday from home. I'm sure he appreciated the quite house! He has an appointment for his Orthopedist to see him next Wednesday so we'll know more then. In the mean time we'll be close to home and practicing our nursing skills.

Thanks Mom (Diane) for the fruit basket...we have all been enjoying it!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

We hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July this year. We usually get to celebrate at the river house, but due to Scott's surgery the next morning we opted to stay at home and get rest.

We did however have a great day! We took the kids to Burke Lake and played a round of Frisbee Golf. For those of you who have never heard of such a silly game it's quite fun. There is a coarse in the forest throughout the park with 'holes' they use baskets and each 'hole' has a par just like in golf. We didn't keep score this time...we were not sure how well the kids would do. To our surprise they did GREAT! At times better than us! After our round of 'golf' we went to lunch and then to the movies to see "Shrek 3".

That evening the kids got to enjoy watching the awesome fireworks show out our bedroom window that the Country Club puts on each year. It truly is a awesome show. Sounded like a war going on outside and shaking our windows.

Scott had surgery the next day on a ruptured disc. Granny came to stay the night for the kids. We were not sure how long the hospital stay would be.
We got to the hospital right before 6am. The started around 7:45am and finished in a little after an hour. Aunt Wilma came to sit and visit with me while I waited and was able to chat with Scott after he was in recovery.

The doctor came out to tell me Scott's disc was even larger than he expected. He was able to successfully cut out the ruptured area outside the spine and get it off his nerve. The doctor also said the nerve was very very dark red and it's supposed to be light it was obviously painful.

Not sure if Scott will have nerve damage in his right leg (where he's been having problems already) only time will tell. The damage won't be due to the surgery, but due to the disc sitting on that nerve for so long.

Scott was able to come home around 2pm (believe it or not)! It's amazing how fast they get you out of the hospital now. Scott has 3 great nurses at home and he's doing better than he and I expected. He's supposed to take it easy for a while and not drive for 2 weeks. So far so good and our patient is on his way to recovery.

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Scott and I went on a cruise while the kids spent time at Granny and Grampy's house. Granny's church was hosting Vacation Bible School this year and Granny was very excited to have the kids involved. Scott and I took advantage of this time and left town!

We flew to Jacksonville, FL on Monday the 25th and boarded the cruise ship Celebration from Carnival. We have cruised twice before and decided this was our least favorite ship. The friends we meet were a lot of fun and the food was great too. We heard through a 'seasoned cruiser' that this particular ship was going to be retired in November of this year due to age. They sell the ships in Europe for the use of shorter cruising voyages.

Our first full day was at Sea. This particular day was lovely weather and a nice day to spend on the ship exploring. Our first port of call was Key West, FL. We were excited to stop here because we have never been. Well it wasn't what we expected and not that exciting after all. Here are a few photo's we took.

There were LARGE amounts to roosters and chickens walking the streets...sort of like stray cats, but noisier.

Right at the port there was history information and many statues. Here are few of our favorite...heads...

We had an excursion to go on a catamaran and snorkel trip. We were told that we'd be seeing the last living coral in the US area. That was depressing... Not spectacular by any means, but the water felt GREAT! In the distance the clouds turned this ugly navy color and didn't look to friendly. We entertained ourselves by drinking some beer and listening to some loud music. The trip back to shore (about 45minutes long) we got a flood from Mother Nature.

Since we were already wet we just kept walking around town.

Our next port of call was Nassau, Bahamas. Believe it or not I didn't take any pictures there. I know I should be ashamed of myself as a scrapbooker, but this was our 5th time here and I've taken pictures of it all before.
The weather coming in was bad and our excursion to Cable Beach Black Beards Adventure was canceled. We decided to head over to Paradise Island and Atlantis. The cleaner part of this Island is there and it sounded like a great idea. We went swimming in the aqua blue waters and also went to enjoy some Starbucks! It was time to head back to the ship so on the way I got my mom a big conch shell as small thanks.

Back on the ship for another Sea Day before we go back to Jacksonville. The weather was awful, but we donated to the ships casino and enjoyed the other festivities on board.

We got some 'towel creatures' in our room a few nights...
One night it wasn't recognizable what the creature was so I avoided the picture!

Guess Who...

Our second night was clear with no a few nice pictures of the sunset...

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