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Linda's (aka Mom aka Grammy) First Visit to Florida

Mom's here!

March 10th-19th, 2014

Her first trip on a plane since Isaac was born!  I was just praying she would make it all the way to Florida from Washington State and she DID IT!  

Tuesday 11th

Kids had school and we spent a glorious sunshiny day downtown Winter Park.  We walked the shops, went on the Scenic Boat Tour and ate lunch at Panera (another first for her).  

 After we that we still had sometime before the kids got home to go do some more shopping.  We went to Waterford Lakes Shopping Center.   Did more window shopping though.  Got ideas for later!
That night Grammy got some Chloe time and Scott time ...they showed her how to play lacrosse (in the yard).  While I took Isaac to practice.


Wednesday March 12th

Her first visit to Disney World so I chose Magic Kingdom.  We got there nice and early so we could take in the entire day.  It was a bit dreary, but the sun did come out later in the day...eventually we got cold in the evening and bought matching sweatshirts! 

Taking it in as she walked into the park

Mayor of Disney

"Move it!  Shake it!  Celebrate it!  Street Parade"

Lunch time!

Laughing...what a fun day!

Swiss Family Robinson's Tree House 

Concurring her fear of heights!  
View from the top of the Tree House

Tiki Bird Show

 Peter Pan's Flight is so quick but we were lucky to use our 'FAST PASS' and cut in front of a long long long line!

 It's a Small World After All!

New Parade

We rode the "People Mover" a few times...was just very relaxing and a break from all that walking around!  We laughed at the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor show.
Kicked butt on Buzz Lightyear's Ride killing aliens.

Off to Tom Sawyers Island ...right before they closed it for the day!

I just love the "Hall of Presidents" what a great show

Our day was almost over we watched the lighting up of the castle showing different images with music and sound then fireworks.

Thursday March 12th

Relaxation was in order!  We hunted down a few Quilting Shops in the Orlando area.  Then we ate lunch at Pei Wei which was another first for her...oh so yummy!  We took a trip to Costco to load up on some munchies and such.  Also Grammy wanted to buy Chloe a sewing machine we found a great deal (on sale) at JoAnn Fabric's so we went back to Waterford Shopping Center and picked Chloe up some supplies.  We'd need to make a trip back there to let her choose her own fabrics.  A great day to sit pool side and have a refreshing beverage!

Friday March 13th

Spring Break has officially begun for the kids and they are now out of school!  Thrilled to have Grammy here to hang with and show off.  
They were 'game' for a little shopping so back to Waterford!  Our first stop had to be by the doctor's office Isaac was due for a shot in the arm!  Then onto the shopping... Chloe loved picking out some flannel fabrics for a blanket she was going to start working on plus some supplies.  Isaac found out that Grammy has a love for shoes just as much as he does!  Sketchers was a stop that was a must! 
Grammy wanted to get Isaac something fun and bought him a game for his XBox which he was SO HAPPY about. 

Panera for Chloe and I 
Grammy and Isaac chose Subway
Great day to eat outside

The famous SWEET!
Had to get a few mini cupcakes to tryout

Back at the house it was time to load Isaac's new XBox game and hit his sister with a ball (ok it was soft and she wanted to play goalie)!

Not to worry she's just reaching for the ball..not hurt!

Saturday March 15th

Winter Park was our morning destination. Isaac had a lacrosse game so during warm ups we took a walk around the park.

Great game played by all.  We won 8-3 Isaac only let one goal in and unfortunately it was a deflection off his own teammate so it was kinda funny.


Isaac's to the left of the picture in the goal
down in front Linda and Scott

Love those sweaty curls!

As soon as the games were over we had to get Scott home to get his car and he had to get to practice for the girls.  Chloe went for the first half of the practice and while she was gone we went to Black Hammock to check out the gators!  We saw some in cages and a few in the wild as well.  There was a great big one about 5 feet from us on! 

Chloe worked on her PILLOW PROJECT with her new sewing machine.  She needed extra stuffing so we had to wait to purchase that another day so she couldn't finish right away.  We had found Chloe lacrosse fabric at one of the quilting shops and got her enough to make a pillow.  She made two tube like pillows one for Isaac and one for herself!

After a long day of lacrosse nothing like the pool to relax in!

Picture was meant to see how curly Isaac's hair was...right after I snapped the picture Chloe (to the right) beamed him in the head with the volleyball... love little sisters!

Sunday March 16th

 Lets start on the blanket/quilt!  Chloe learned out to cut and measure all the squares for her quilt she was and is working on.

What time is it?  


Linda agreed best pizza she's ever had!
This one below is the kids 'go to' pizza ...pepperoni and sausage

Linda and Scott shared this one all kinds of meat and vegs
Think it's their house pizza

And for the vegetarian extra jalapenos!  Thank you!!!!

Scenic Route home through Chuluota

Time for more pool and maybe a little wine poolside!

He won't let me cut it!

The dogs couldn't get enough of Grammy oh plus they love wine!

Chloe got to love and embrace her weridness

Monday March 17th   HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY

BIG DAY for Isaac he get's his braces off!  Very exciting for all of us to see the transformation!  While Isaac got worked on we ladies had breakfast at our favorite place FIRST WATCH!

Waiting for her Chocolate Chip Pancake and side of Bacon...ugh!



Isaac's new purchase NIKE shoes

Finishing up her pillows

 Game time

Tuesday March 18th

I couldn't let her leave without seeing the beach!  We went to New Smyrna Beach.  The day was a bit chilly at first then the sun came out.  

Veggie Burger for Me

Philly Cheese for Mom

Needless to say we didn't go hungry on her trip here!  We enjoyed all of our favorite spots for shopping and eating!

Our last night we lived it up and took a bunch of pictures out by the pool and of the sunset out back.

Hello there Cutie!

Bella and Lucy



Cards game called Trash and Liars Dice

As you can see we all laughed like hyenas and had a horrible time....LOL!

Sad it's all over, but we WILL do this again in the near future!  
You can't stay away from my Rita's for too long

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