Tuesday, September 24, 2013


September 7-22

Mostly Lacrosse Games and a Tournament for Chloe

Lacrosse games on the weekend a Triple Header for Chloe
First game 1 goal 1 assist

Second game Chloe played Goalie and saved 3 and let in 3

Third and final game Chloe had 2 goals and 1 assist

Renee and Chloe right behind!  Renee did awesome as Goalie in the 3rd game!  


Tournament in Wellington FL 
Florida Draw with the Lax Maniax

Chloe had 3 assists during the weekend tournament and played like a champ!  Way to go Chloe we're so proud of you!

Great Defense Helping Out the Goalie!  Great Save!

I like everyone in the background of this wondering if Chloe's gonna come out w/ the ball and she does!

Chloe's bad habit leaning on her stick...ugh!

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