Sunday, October 27, 2013


Chloe's 12 Years Old

October 20th, 2013

How did my baby become 12 years old so fast?!  One more year before I have two teenagers...she's still my sweet little angel and I'm going to take it in for all it's worth (and it's worth is priceless). 

Chloe got up extra early to make the 1.5hr drive to Isaac's lacrosse tournament the morning of her birthday.  We got her the dvd 'BRAVE" to watch in the van on the way.

After a long day on the lacrosse fields cheering on her brother....

And after a soak in the pool....

It was time for pizza hut...
Gift opening...

GGTUDY And GGJOHN sent her some cash...always fun

Grandma sent money too!
Isaac got her a Sudoku book which she LOVED

Grammy made her a purse in the PERFECT Chloe colors!  She squealed with glee!

Miss Denise sent an array of gifts from birthday to Halloween
Always a joy to find fun stuff...even goodies for the puppies!!! 

and a family movie "THE CROODES"
Plus some Reeses Peanut Butter Cheese Cake!

October 26th, 2013

Another Saturday of 2 lacrosse games for Chloe this time...  We were at the field before the sun was even up this morning which is good and bad...up early, but done early and have the whole day ahead of us!

The younger girls and the older girls won the games!  Great win for all of them...this was the last season game for her CFGYL teams.  Next weekend is the fun party and Jamboree games where they get a bit nutty and have a lot of fun!  

Chloe scored 3 goals in the first game (with assist) and 1 goal and assists in the second game!

After Lacrosse Chloe got to spend a couple hours getting ready for a 80's themed birthday party for her classmate Miley!  What a fun party!


Isaac's Lacrosse Tournament

Pumpkin Shoot Out with High School Jr. Varsity

October 19-20, 2013

Isaac had an outstanding performance at the lacrosse tournament this weekend. Isaac played in a 7v7 on a Jr Varsity team (he was the only middle school kid) 15-17 yr olds they needed a goalie so he offered his services. 

Day 1: Three Games with. ....
Shots on Goal 116 & 71 Saves
Day 2: Two Games with ....
Shots on Goal 75 & 52 Saves

A comment from a coach (Coach Bob) ..."man they were just peppering him out there...he was outstanding amazing man wow he's awesome"


End of last game won by one goal and the chant from the boys on our team was "GOALIE GOALIE GOALIE! " 


Kevin one of Isaac's defenders (the gentle giant)

Isaac came out of the goal area a's kinda the thing to do on these 7v7 tournaments and he also ran down almost to the other goal and had two shots on goal himself...he didn't score this time, but he sure tried.  He did get an assist!  

Isaac also came out of the goal for some big hits on the other players.  One huge hit the ref took him aside to have a little chat w/ him...both boys got up and were fine, but man it was a crunch sound that was awesome!

Isaac's team

Our final opponents we beat by one...they were BIG
Scary when they have beards and drove themselves when your son is only 14 and is having balls whiz past him 90+miles an hour!  

October 20th was also Chloe's 12th Birthday...she was kind enough to spend the first half of her day at her brothers tournament!  Happy to find her friends at the game (supporting their brothers as well)
Chloe  Delaney and Lexie

Grampy and Granny having some nitrogen made ice cream with Chloe

Alligator in the sewer drain...lots of kids looking at him...he was munching on watermelon 
His head was about 18 inches long...good size


Grampy & Granny Visit

October 17-21, 2013

Grampy could only stay for a short time but we made the best of it while he was here!  Granny stayed almost 2 weeks!  

Walking the kids to the bus stop

It maybe FALL but it still feels like summer in FLORIDA

Her freckles are SO CUTE

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