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2015 May

May 1st 

Scott got a special surprise from his group of lacrosse girls that have been with him since he started as the head coach of the 3rd-8th grade CFGYL lacrosse league.  There are 7 of them who are 2019 year graduates and they wanted to celebrate HIM!  The parents got together and set up a evening of pizza and praise at Mellow Mushroom (right after practice).  There were 30 of us ready to party!!!

Jamboree CFGYL May 2nd

What a wonderful event every season we get to have with these girls.  In the last few seasons they were rained out and we had to have our own fun or skip it all together.  God blessed us with the perfect weather and great attitudes!

These are our older group of girls and their crazy coaches....
Chloe's up front on her knees with some pink hair

Coach Scott Dean, Coach Scott Gallant, Coach Dave and Coach Brad

Chloe having another stellar day on the fields...playing in 3 games

Chloe with the ball below ready to score...

Got the coaches in on the spray action...

Chloe and her BFF on the field... Ashley

Lets NOT forget the 'COACHES GAME'...I stepped up my game and played Goalie
I must say the other team (in blue) was extremely serious about winning and NOT taking it easy on ANYONE... now the other team which included OLDER fella's and maybe 2 younger 20-something gals OH and Me in the goal...we were having a blast!  Lots of jokes from the men in green about needing oxygen after the game.  

Below...why is Scott laughing at me?

Bring it on...KIDDING!!!  STAY AWAY! 

Thanks to a GREAT group of families for an amazing season. Scott announced his 'stepping down' as head coach for the CFGYL league.  He felt it time to let Coach Scott Dean and Coach Brad to take control and Scott will help them .... sad and emotional for all of us.  

Isaac's Basketball Game 4 ~ May 2nd

Lost 41-69

The boys are not used to losing, but here it is!  They missed a whole lot of shots and the other team could get it in the basket 90% of the time.  Our boys kept pushing them out farther and farther from the hoop and they would just keep making it in. 

The Running of the Chihuahua's

May 3rd Winter Park outside Cocina's Mexican Restaurant

Scott and I had been in Winter Park for lunch the week before and saw the poster on this event and thought how fun it would be to bring the family to it.  There were 110 chihuahua's entered in the race including our little Lucy and Bella weighing in at 4.6 lbs each respectively.  The races were run in groups of 5 dogs starting with the smallest and going up.  Lucy and Bella were in the 2nd race together.  Bella didn't move!  She was frozen in fear we believe... I thought she'd run out there and try to play/fight another dog, but NOPE!  As for Lucy she took off like a bullet!  I held Lucy behind the starting line and Isaac had Bella...they ran towards the end at Scott and Chloe.  Lucy WON her first race!  She was now qualified for the semi-finals!  She WON her semi-final race too!  As the smallest dog (by far) in the Final run we didn't think she had a big chance, but she gave it her all and got 3rd!  Not bad for a small chihuahua getting 3rd place out of 110 of those rascals!  

Isaac's Basketball Game 5 ~ May 8th

Lost 28-45

They had been on a winning streak and here we are with 2 losses in a row.  Isaac doesn't seem to stay unhappy for too long...he's just having a great time and making new friends.  He loves to go to practice each week and spends a lot of time in the driveway practicing on his own.

Chloe's 7th Grade Awards Ceremony May 13th

Chloe was surprised by her awards she got... Principal's Honor Roll (that is all A's) for 6th and 7th grade ...ALL 2 years.  Let's see if we can do it again in 8th grade.  It will be tough next year, but no matter what she's a wonderful student! 

Isaac's Basketball Game 6 ~ May 15th

Lost 49-63

This game was a bummer.. they really pushed hard, but ended up with a loss.  Play off games are coming up (with a week off in between for the holiday weekend)... going into the play offs they are officially tied for 3rd place.  

Happy Mothers Day...Happy Birthday...Happy All Holidays 

Monday May 18th  ....  Also now known as Jeep Day

Dreamed to have a Jeep...no they are not practical or great on gas.  Lets look at the positives of a Jeep... They are Awesome and Funnsies!  Love Scott for giving me this gift!  

Wednesday May 27  Last Day of School

Not sure where the year went... Amazed how fast time goes by.  Sad to think we are all getting older and moving onto the next thing.  Did we really enjoy this last year?!  Looking at the photos and memories we've made I say we did enjoy it VERY much, but I sure wish it could pass a little slower. Isaac's now moving onto his 2nd year in high school ..he's happy not to be at the bottom of the stack anymore now officially a 10th grader.  Chloe in her very last year of middle school..hard to believe these years have passed.  She's happy to be on top of the heap in 8th grade now.

Liz's Vacation May 28th ~ June 3rd

I feel very blessed to be able to go on vacation and have a little ME time!  Thanks to Scott and the kids...getting mom out of the house can be fun anyway!  Time to party!!!  
I flew to Washington State to be with my other mom Linda and my other family!  Perfect timing on the trip.  We got to celebrate Linda's birthday and have a family reunion at the lake with perfect weather too.  
Me with my coffee on the first morning at the lake 

Isaac's Basketball Championship Games ~ May 30th

WON semi finals and then the Championship!!!!  Final Score 41-37

Sorry to say I missed this BIG win!  The coach apparently told his work he'd be in a little late expecting the team to loose the first game...well they didn't!  Sorry Coach hope you don't get fired!  They went onto win the entire event!  So proud of them!  I got a phone call and heard the play by play very exciting!  

Sunday May 31st   Lax For Life Tournament

Kicking off the Summer Girls Lacrosse Tournament schedule on the last day of the month of May!  Scott is coaching this summer for the high school team BEAST.  Many of the BEAST girls are new to summer club lacrosse with can be intense.  They are also young...but they exceeded expectations and look forward to the next tournament challenge!  

Chloe's team Middle School Lax Maniax won all their games and she was a star!  Way to go Chloe!

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