Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thank You Miss Denise!

Thank you for the wonderful gifts!

Isaac was PUMPED about getting money to spend at Target. I had mentioned he's wanting to buy a Wii or XBox and he's on his way to saving his cash. He's planning on using your gift this way. He loved the pencils and said he's taking them to school tomorrow!

Chloe's towel is TOO cute! She loved it instantly. She grabbed the dogs up in it and played for a good 45 minutes! HA! The earrings you sent her and ME are wonderful. I love them and so does Chloe.

Did you notice she's wearing a Navy ES shirt on?!?! On her first day of school she wore her guitar earrings you made her and the second day she wore her bracelet and cowgirl boots! Today she had on my dolphins!

Thank you for always thinking of us. We're praying your 1st day back to school is a GREAT one!

Monday August 24th, 2009


Isaac is now a 4th grader and Chloe is a 2nd grader! It's hard to believe how fast they are growing up.

The Friday before school started they had a 'meet the teacher' day. They went to their new classrooms and brought in their school supplies.

Isaac's teacher is just delightful! She was teaching at another school for the last 20yrs and her daughter asked her to come to this school to be with her grandson who is in the 2nd grade. Isaac's class has a pet hamster named Cookie that rolls around in her ball during class. Also they have a gecko named Spot.

Chloe's teacher has been teaching for many years. I've been told by many parents that we are very very lucky to have gotten her. I'm already on call to help in the classes which I love to do!

Here are some pictures before we headed off to school...

A little sunny on this side of the house...

Front yard/across the street view. Chloe's shirt says "My Mom Rocks" I didn't make her or ask her to wear it!

What a cute bunch of kids!

Front door view

We are ready to ride off to school! We really enjoy the ride to school. We always pray we don't get rained on!

Their first week has been going GREAT!

Friend in our Pool

Just so you can see how little this guy was and he really needed to get to the edge to get out...
We have a duck thermometer in our pool and a little friend was hitch hiking on his head!

I saved him...not to worry!

Beach Day with Grandma

Grandma's last full day with us we took her to the beach for some fun in the sun! The water was nice and warm with LOTS of waves!

We had a great time in the water. After a couple hours we went to lunch and back home to relax!

We wish Grandma could have stayed longer than a week! It was sad to see her go, but she said she'd come back in December.

You would have thought the dogs went to the beach with us as tired as they always are!


Isaac's 10th Birthday

Isaac choose to go to MGM Hollywood Studios Disney for his 10th birthday. It's hard to believe he's double digits!

We got the Birthday Fast Pass so we could ride our favorite rides a few times each and we headed straight for "Woodie's Round Up"...Toy Story Ride.

While the birthday boy, Daddy and Grandma went to ride "The Tower of Terror" Chloe found a fun craft to do.

Grandma and Chloe

We all LOVED "The Rockin' Roller Coaster"!!! Even waiting in line can be fun!

Their is a movie set of San Francisco we visited...since we were just there it was pretty fun seeing it in Florida!

We saw the Muppets 4D movie again...

Time for an ice cream was hot out there!

Meet the CARS
Lightning Steve McQueen & Mater

3rd time was a charm for Isaac...
Each time we've come to MGM Isaac hasn't gotten up on stage to participate in the Jeti Training. We went 3 time TODAY and he finally got called up!

Don't go to the Dark Side Isaac!

Great Job fighting Darth Vader Jeti Knights!

Isaac got a certificate for his Jeti Training

What a great way to spend a birthday!

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