Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thank You Miss Denise!

Thank you for the wonderful gifts!

Isaac was PUMPED about getting money to spend at Target. I had mentioned he's wanting to buy a Wii or XBox and he's on his way to saving his cash. He's planning on using your gift this way. He loved the pencils and said he's taking them to school tomorrow!

Chloe's towel is TOO cute! She loved it instantly. She grabbed the dogs up in it and played for a good 45 minutes! HA! The earrings you sent her and ME are wonderful. I love them and so does Chloe.

Did you notice she's wearing a Navy ES shirt on?!?! On her first day of school she wore her guitar earrings you made her and the second day she wore her bracelet and cowgirl boots! Today she had on my dolphins!

Thank you for always thinking of us. We're praying your 1st day back to school is a GREAT one!

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