Thursday, November 02, 2017


2017 September and October

September Came in Like a Hurricane...

Ok not really, but we did have a bit of a mess with the weather here.  Hurricane Irma had Florida on high alert and we did what we could to make the house safe.  We decided last minute to head North and visit family.  

We spent some time in Maryland ..always nice to take a walk at the park with Grampy and Granny!

We went to Grandma's in Virginia as well and saw Chris.  No time for a vacation we had to head back home to see if there was any damage.  We had many friends checking in on the house and they said it looked good from the outside.  Nice to come home to our house we've worked so hard on and it's in one piece.  We did have some trees and bushes uprooted in the back, but that wasn't any issue. 

Chloe working on homework with the dogs

Fall Ball Lacrosse was delayed because of the weather, but we finally got underway

The girls have been kicking butt out there

We had the 14... next game was 2-12...go Pack Lax!

Rachael has decided to play some lacrosse and has tossed her skills into the Goalie ring!
She's got a great coach...

Isaac had a tournament on Sunday October 8th.  He played 3 games they lost the first game, won the second game and tied the 3rd game.   Isaac has been out there playing a game since April so he's now got the spiderwebs swept off and ready to rock it this year.  I took my camera and forgot to take pictures.

Grandpa's 70th Birthday

October 10th, 2017

What a way to treat yourself on your birthday jumping out of a plane!

We went to watch and support Dad in the air and Marilyn on the ground.  Way to go!

15th Annual Great Pumpkin Shootout 

Palm Coast, FL    7v7 Tournament  October 14th and 15th

Last time Isaac will play in this tournament.  He came away with a bunch of bruises, but got a lot of shots and getting ready for Spring Season when they play those tough teams.  We had some old hands out there with some of our boys who have played together for many years (since middle school) and all now Seniors.  We also had some small freshman out there getting a taste of the big leagues. 

Here's Isaac taking a shot after running down the field hit the post once and had a couple other shots not make it ... effort! 

Isaac and Chris decided to show off their white thighs this year...oh boy!

Chloe's 16th Birthday!

October 20th, 2017

Cheese Cake with Peanut Butter Cups and Sauce 

Make a wish my beautiful Girl

Off to School

After School we had time for opening gifts before her and Isaac went to volunteer at a Art Festival then Isaac took her to ice cream

Chloe's showing off her new Lacrosse Ring while snuggling Bella

Grandpa and Marilyn sent some treats

New Bed Covering and Sheets

Bella...time to make her float

Saturday Games

Then off the movies with Ashley

On Sunday we went out and to Mellow Mushroom for birthday pizza as a family...nice celebration weekend for all!

Halloween around the Corner

Isaac and Rachael went to the pumpkin patch and picked our the perfect pumpkin 

Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary!

October 27th-October 30th

Scott and I went on a short Caribbean cruise to celebrate our anniversary.  The weather could have been a little better for us due to some tropical storm activity we never got off the ship, but we did enjoy all the amenities on board the Royal Caribbean.

Friday Morning On the Way to the Port

Escalator ride ...getting excited!

On board...a little early for a drink, but we had to celebrate!

Before we left the Port the weather was fantastic!

Decided just to use cell phones no big cameras on our short journey

Bye Bye FL see you in a couple days

Anniversary Dinner

A picture we purchased

We found some fun things to do


Chloe wanted Sunset pictures... it was FREEZING and SO WINDY!

Center of it all....

 Inside Glass Elevator 

This made us laugh while the photographer shot it and when we bought it...a good memory!

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