Thursday, November 03, 2016


2016 September and October


School is well under way by September and by mid October we are entering the 2nd Quarter!

Lacrosse season for Fall Ball started in September as well and we LIVE for that!  ha ha ha

Isaac had his first Debate Tournament of this year early on in September.  He decided to try something new Extemporaneous Speech.  
Extemporaneous Speaking provides 30 minutes of preparation time, followed by a seven-minute speech. When preparation starts, speakers are offered three questions to answer. Questions are based on current affairs, and topic areas generally include international and domestic policy, economic policy, and social or scientific issues. Speakers generally speak persuasively, though some areas of the US offer informative speeches.
So not too easy by any means...everyone said only crazy people try this one!  Well leave it to Isaac to give it a go.  He didn't come in dead last at all, but didn't win a trophy this time around.  Although our high school won the most at this tournament than we've had in the past.  It was quiet exciting and we're very happy for our good friends who did come home winners!

Judge Mom for the Day

Girls Lacrosse

The girls play a lot of games throughout the Fall.  I wasn't able to be at all of them since I had to Judge Debate Tournaments and be at Isaac's games.  We did make quite a few though.  
Chloe made the Varsity Team for Fall Ball High School!

The next 3 Shows Chloe jukin' this girl out! 

Leg muscles much?!

Isaac's Fall Ball Games

He played 2 of the 3 weekends (one was a Debate conflict) so he played 4 games total.  It was fun some wins and some loss, but nice to get back out there and duke it out with friends from other teams.

Birthday's for Scott and Myself

We didn't do a whole lot of celebrating this year ...just another day and another year older!  However I did happen to take a selfie of me and some wine...LOL!
Our gifts have been wrapped up in our new home and all the improvements throughout the last few months.  That's a GREAT gift if you ask me!

Next on the Agenda Homecoming Parade

Both kids ended up on a parade float this year for the first time.  Chloe was on the girls lacrosse float and Isaac ended up on the Key Club float.

Isaac as Woody from Toy Story and Chloe was Super Girl

Key Club getting Float Ready
Isaac on the left in black shirt helping out before he changed into character 

There's Woody!

Here's Super Girl

One of the Trucks...we had this truck w/ a trailer driven by the head coach

The other Truck driven by Scott


Key Club Float

Chloe and Isaac are both part of the Key Club at School.  They do a lot of volunteer work and have made some new friends throughout the process.  

Homecoming Dance

Isaac didn't go this year, but Chloe decided to go with a bunch of her girlfriends like she did for the 8th grade dance.  They had fun taking pictures and chowing down before they went to the dance.  Great group of girls!  I got to drop them off in the mini van and they sang (off key) the entire why to the High School Dance from Serena's house (20 minutes)!

These pictures are from OUR backyard 

Bohemian Pony Tail  

At her Friend Serena's house

Tayta Serena Ashly Sarah Ashley Chloe Coco

Tayta Serena Ashly Sarah Ashley Chloe Coco

One of the Bald Eagles in Serena's backyard

Sparkling Cider Posh!

Kids School Pictures 2016-2017

Isaac 11th grade 
17 years old

Chloe 9th grade 
15 years old 

Chloe's 15!  

In the morning before school Chloe opened one gift from us a new Lax bracelet

After School She opened a card and gift from Grampy and Granny

She came home to some decorations and gifts

Then it was time for lacrosse Practice so she opened gifts after that...

Grandma went all out and got her a fun new Polaroid camera!
It has all sorts of gadgets and gizmos that go with it!  
She was so excited ready to do a photo shoot with friends!
Also some shopping Cash which is always a fun trip to the stores!!!  

Grammy Sent Some beautiful Roses and box of Chocolates!  She's since dried a few of them and keeping them forever!  

Chloe will be really celebrating with friends in November having them over for some fun!  Using her new camera and hanging out here at the house.

Now she can drive...wait...practice for the next year before she's allowed to drive on her own.  Yikes both her and Isaac practicing now!?!?!  Help!

Fuzzy's found some Sunshine

To end October with Halloween at our new home we were expecting tons of kids.  Our neighborhood is filled w/ them and there are surrounding areas close by.  We ended up with very few trick-or-treaters though...maybe it being on a Monday?  We were ready regardless and now I get to return many unopened Candy bags to Costco.  Isaac had weight training that night.  Chloe stayed in.  We've felt a cooler temp in the air in the mornings and look forward to some Fall weather soon!!!

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