Tuesday, June 06, 2017


2017 May

May is for Mothers...well at least we get ONE day for Mothers.

Went out to lunch and walk for Mothers Day.  Always nice to be out and about with the family!

 Isaac still practicing his driving skills taking us to lunch

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May is also time for Summer lacrosse to begin!  Scott (along with many others) are coaching BEAST girls lacrosse again this Summer.  They had a couple mini tournament days to get a warm up for June and July's bigger tournaments.  Beast is made up of 11 different high schools and several middle schools in our area.  Our first tournament we had 6 high school teams and 2 middle school teams competing!

Chloe #6 for BEAST 

May 21st Lax Life in New Smyrna Beach, FL

Beast Black Team Coached this weekend by Scott and intern Sadler who now plays at Queens College in NC she played last year at our high school

In the meantime Chloe also tried out and made U.S. Lacrosse Nationals Team 2.  They were a mix of girls from different high schools in our area.  This team practiced together 4 times then they had ONE weekend tournament in Connecticut at Yale University.  

Woman's National Tournament in New Haven, CT at Yale University
May 27 & May 28

Chloe and I got to be travel companions up to Yale University.  We've never been up there so it would be an adventure for sure!  Airport picture gearing up for our flight!  Thank you Starbucks!

Starbucks wore off for Chloe already sleeping minutes into flight

2 of our high school friends sitting with us on the plane

Downtown Hartford for some Moe's lunch

Our rental car...who knew I'd remembered how to parallel park!  

Checking out where we need to be the next morning.  Found a beautiful old cemetery we decided to look around.  What lovely grounds!

Hotel...Chloe not wanting anymore pictures...

Time for a workout

Day 1
Chloe had 3 games on the first day so we're ready for a long adventure

Chloe and Alexis
She's one of our goalies and also friend from high school

Chloe's #5 for this Team

Chloe with the ball... 

This girl seems to be running as fast as she can to get in front of Chloe...hahaha

Chloe's Team Picture

Girls Hugging after each goal!  Chloe's squished in the middle

Chloe Scoring

Day 1
They played against Philly, Kentucky and Indiana.  They only beat Indiana, but it was sure nice to leave the field on a WIN!  Throughout the weekend Chloe had 4 or 5 goals and a few assists.  She played really well and was very happy with herself.  And a bit sore!

After all the games we were able to go watch an Exhibition game Team USA vs Team Canada

Day 2

Only one game today against DC Metro.  Funny talking with the other parents they are from area's that we lived in when we were in VA.  Small world meeting up to play in CT!

Jos, Alexis and Chloe (all from our high school)

Alexis Chloe and Trent 
The goalies and Chloe!

 Chloe and her Biggest Fan!

We had a whole afternoon ahead of us so we walked around Yale University

Found the Water...

We stopped at a park we saw off the interstate to stretch our legs and take some pictures

Some tree's there were like massive dandelions there was FUZZY puffs all over the ground and in the air... Chloe and I gathered some up and had a 'snowball fight'!


Time to go home...all smiles

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