Sunday, April 21, 2013


Chloe's Photography April 2013

Chloe my little photographer....

Below are all photo's Chloe has taken with my camera.  She's gone around our yards and neighbors plus when we are out and about.  She finds some lizards, flowers and birds to take pictures of.

 Wish this was my bouganvilla plant

 Bird in neighbors tree

 Lucy Sunning herself in the driveway


 We have dozens of these hawks in our neighborhood they are quite fun to watch

 Lizard trying to camo himself in the shade of the drain pipe

 Lizard in the hole

 Strange chairs outside near a high school where Isaac was playing a lacrosse game
 Lizard on Chloe's friend Catie's brother's shoe

 Chloe's friend Delaney with a flower in her hair watching the lacrosse game
Dead ant
 Peek a boo

 Took her a while to get this picture the butterfly wasn't staying still!


 Oh yes do you see the spider?

 More lizards...liking the mulch

These lizards are everywhere if you haven't noticed the sun themselves in the driveway dozens of them all the time!  

 Bee on the sidewalk

 Chloe has a nick name at School "Clever Clover"

 Sandhill Crains out for a stroll

So I picked up my camera yesterday heading out to the kids lacrosse games to find the battery one picture off before it shut down!  
Here's my one Saturday picture of the lacrosse games...

Chloe with her old friend Emily.  They played together back in 1st grade and ever since have been on different teams.  It was sure nice beating this team they are good and we came out with a can of whoop 'you know what' and beat them 7-2!  Chloe had another game later that day with a great surprise her teacher showed up to watch her game!  Chloe scored 3 goals this weekend with a couple assists plus some ground balls!  Way to go Chloe!  Isaac had an amazing game as well.  He stuffed some players shots right in the face and took a nice hard hit to his hand swelling up his pinkie...all is ok though.  His team won 6-5 it got close in the end, but they pulled it out and held the others off!  

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