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2015 September October November AND December

1st Day of School...

I didn't post these pictures in August when the actual first day of school happened maybe because we were cruising the Caribbean!  The kids both missed the very first week of school while we were on vacation.  This was NOT poor planning on our part!  The County set out a schedule of the new school year and in February I booked the trip ...the County decided to change dates in April and start a week ahead of planned.  Oh Well...

Isaac's 1st day of 10th Grade August 24th, 2015

Outside in the back...a bit dark 6:15am

 Chloe's 1st day of 8th Grade (last year of Middle School)

 Chloe opening gifts from Grammy (homemade with Love)!  
Sprucing up her Bedroom with her favorite BLUES!

Fall 7th 8th grade CFGYL GAMES


September 2015

Isaac's first Debate Tournament was a success.  He and his partner Robby competed in Public Forum and got top 4 out of all the schools!  

Hagerty Debate Team ...many trophies!

Coolax Boys Lacrosse

September/October 2015

Go Coolax!

Isaac got to play with a new group of boys in the Fall Season.  He made some new friends from other high schools while having fun in Goal!

Chloe's 14th Birthday

October 2015

Grampy and Granny came for a week to visit during Chloe's birthday. Always fun to celebrate with them!!!

October 20, 2015 

CFGYL 7th-8th grade team game & High School Club Games (3) in One Day

Preston and Isaac watching their sisters play lax

Winter CFGYL Jamboree

November 7th, 2015

Chloe's last WINTER Jamboree...she'll get one last one in the Spring.  Always a fun day with kids playing, painting hair, goofing off and laughing at coaches...HA!

Dad and Daughter same look on their face

Coach Scott Squared!  
Dean and Gallant

Hair Time!

Veteran's Day Tournament 

November 7th & 8th, 2015 

Go Oilers!  

Isaac's high school club team playing in a fun weekend in Palm Coast, FL

Winning an overtime game...Husky Pile!

Wishbone Girls Lacrosse Tournament 

November 14 & 15th, 2015  Apopka, FL

The first time a CFGYL team went to play in a tournament was this weekend!  Now some of the girls have been to a few tournaments already (Chloe MANY of them), but as a first for some of these girls and parents it was quite a fun weekend.  I think they had a great time....


Birthday Gifts

Birthday Cards


To school with new backpack!

Science Fair Night


Debate Tournament

December 2015 @ Hagerty High School

No one won this time around, but we sure had a great time!


photo's by Chloe 

Moving Out

November~December 2015

Not sure what came over us, but it must have been God leading our direction.  We sold our house within weeks of putting it up on Zillow then next thing you know we've got to find the perfect home for us to lay our heads at night....
We were out of the house before we were able to move into the new one... many many many renovations to be had so we laid our heads at our good friends house.  Thank you more than you can possible know to the Williams Family!  We all enjoyed our stay at their casa!  

PODS are awesome if you need something to move your stuff and hold on to it for a while!  We filled 3 of them up...yep OLD SCHOOL did it with just the 4 of us!  At night after practices and work!

Ms. Denise thinking of us with cookies for the holidays

Chloe Chillin' By the Lake

Boo and Molly Williams...our BIG FURRY FRIENDS

Isaac loves his nightly cuddles with Molly

Isaac a bit tired from school...nap time in the kitchen nook

Chloe and Boo at the crosswalk for their 2 a day walks

Seriously...if anyone knows Lucy this is totally typical

Pups heading out on adventures

 Lucy and Bella were SO spoiled there...

Christmas Cruise

December 24th-28th

To shake things up for the holidays we had to not only be 'homeless' but also invite family for Christmas to take a Caribbean Cruise....OH YES!

Time to play some Games...

Chris and Chloe 

Chloe Calling Everyone to Order...time for Gifts!


 Isaac Dave Mom Chris Liz Chloe & Scott....what a fun bunch of Nuts!

Bon Voyage 

Kids Found Sudoku
Our Daily Challenge  

Yep...All you can eat

Our Tiny Cabin

Santa came Christmas Morning to hand out gifts...
kids both got Selfie Sticks!
Kids in swimwear since we were heading to the beach for the day!

Grandma and Dave

Christmas Day on Cocoa Cay 
Royal Caribbean's Private Island

Isaac behind me coming down the slide

Show Time...or should I say Selfie Stick Time!

Dinner Time

Mommy &  Daughter Time

Time to Enjoy Another Fun Night On the Ship

No Idea where these kids get their weirdness from....

In No Order Pictures below are from the Ships Photographers

Not sure why these photos say December 14th...typing mistake on Royal Caribbean's part it was Christmas Eve December 24th

After Christmas with Marilyn and Dad...they got to dogsit Bella & Lucy for Christmas Time while we cruised

End of 2015...a lot went on this year and a ton of new changes.  We spent our first week of 2016 in the Williams house and then our new adventure begins in our new home!  

Happy New Year to All and To All a GREAT NIGHT!

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