Thursday, December 31, 2009

Back Home In Florida
December 29th, 2009

We arrived about 5:30pm home from our trip to Virginia and straight to the shower! We had the kids come in the front door so they couldn't see if Santa came or not.

Chloe had wrote him a letter saying she would be out of town visiting family so please leave the gifts here and we'll be back soon! Santa was kind enough to follow directions.

A blurry Isaac running towards the Wii!

A very happy Chloe seeing things from her WISH LIST!

Chloe's BFF Renee gave her something special to open too!

Our gifts from Ms. Denise are always fun to open!

Chloe can't wait to put this in the swimming pool!

What on earth?

Yes, it's POOP. I think Coal would have been a better gift than poop!
(by the way it's soap)

A big bag of kisses! We are loved!!!

Grandma got us some wonderful treasures from Moscow...

Fun new clothes for Chloe, a new rug for her bedroom and other fun things!

Isaac thrilled about his Band Hero for his Wii...thanks Grandma & Granddad for helping get this for him!

Grampy & Granny gave them a awesome marble maze we plan on putting together for new!!!!

Uncle Ryan gave them a GREAT game for the Wii to play! Thanks!

Scott got a few gifts too...this one we can enjoy for a long time and laugh a LOT!

Chloe's new swing hooked up and she's LOVIN' IT!

Wii time...

The NEXT morning we were up at the crack of dawn ready to play with our new toys!

The Wii is a huge hit and we're all enjoying it!

Diggin's Scott's new Backstrom Shirt! LETS GO CAPS!


A Virginia Christmas

I will start off saying I'm sorry we didn't let everyone know we were coming up North for Christmas. We didn't have a lot of extra time for an entire trip to see ALL of our friends, but we wish you all had a Very Merry Christmas!

Our 13.5 hour driving trip to Virginia was pretty smooth until we entered Virginia and traffic! We were all excited to see the snow! Well sort of...pretty, but as we drove North we watched the temperature gauge on our van slowly decrease! Bye Bye warm Christmas!

Our first stop was the Street's house. We camped there for the evening...meeting the newest family member Cameron! What a cutie pie!

We came at the perfect time after they got 2 feet of snow!

Their deck...

Lucy trying to stay warm!

Kids playing together...

Street's Christmas Tree (smelled SO GOOD!)

Scott, Jamie, Isaac, Chloe and Landon went out sledding down the street from their house early the next morning. The kids loved being able to play in the snow, but mentioned later they are happy to live in Florida!

The boys went to the parking garage near the house to play some hockey...was a bit cold out there to play for too long!

The Big Boys playing the Wii in the basement

Landon and Chloe playing

Mason, Lucy & Bella reunited

Off to Grandma & Granddad's house for Christmas Eve!
Grandma loving on Lucy..

Chris, Jane, Matthew and Ryan came over. There was a boggle game happening and gifts to be opened and food to be taken in.

Christmas morning Isaac helped Grandma do the apples for the strudel. Chloe helped with painting the butter onto the filo dough.

Traditional Christmas photo on the staircase

We went to Aunt Carol & Dave's new home for Christmas morning.

Lovely New Tree!

Isaac and Chloe introduce themselves to Pete!

Grandpa checking out Isaac's new toys he got from Landon

Grandpa & Grandma Marilyn

Uncle Chris & Aunt Jane

Adorable Children

Great Grandma very happy to see everyone!

Back to Grandma & Granddad's to open gifts

Uncle Ryan came to enjoy some more time with us and the Lambs.

Andy got to spend the holidays with us too!

Now what would it be like to have no surprises for Christmas...
She had no idea we were coming up from Florida...

Jane & Adam

LOTS of LOVE for Bella & Lucy to go around...

More Boggle...Fawn and Isaac playing now.

Give a kid a box for's the best kinda gift!

Chris & Jane

See you soon Uncle Ryan!

Next days business was to drive to Annapolis, MD and spend the night at Grampy and Granny's new apartment!
First Chloe had to take time out and play with the dogs or become one!?

At Grampy and Granny's...

Chris gave me this board game that is a huge's called 'Gift Giving' we had a crack up time with it and must have played it a dozen times!

We had take out pizza and watched a funny movie!

These are not the best pictures, but those little creatures wouldn't hold still. The apartment is on the ground level backing to the woods so I watched all these birds feed.

Granny trying to keep the pups warm!

The next day we went to Cracker Barrel for Breakfast...oh and don't forget to have dessert after!?!?!

After a nice breakfast and more games we went back to the Virgina side of the bridge and back to the Street's house.
We spent a quiet evening playing games and enjoying their company.
The next day the boys headed out early to go tubing and had a great pictures...sorry!
Us girls went to Wegman's grocery store had some breakfast and relaxed in the WARM house!

Waking and leaving at 3:30am to go back to Florida! Glad we got to spend some time with out families and some friends!

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