Thursday, December 31, 2009

Back Home In Florida
December 29th, 2009

We arrived about 5:30pm home from our trip to Virginia and straight to the shower! We had the kids come in the front door so they couldn't see if Santa came or not.

Chloe had wrote him a letter saying she would be out of town visiting family so please leave the gifts here and we'll be back soon! Santa was kind enough to follow directions.

A blurry Isaac running towards the Wii!

A very happy Chloe seeing things from her WISH LIST!

Chloe's BFF Renee gave her something special to open too!

Our gifts from Ms. Denise are always fun to open!

Chloe can't wait to put this in the swimming pool!

What on earth?

Yes, it's POOP. I think Coal would have been a better gift than poop!
(by the way it's soap)

A big bag of kisses! We are loved!!!

Grandma got us some wonderful treasures from Moscow...

Fun new clothes for Chloe, a new rug for her bedroom and other fun things!

Isaac thrilled about his Band Hero for his Wii...thanks Grandma & Granddad for helping get this for him!

Grampy & Granny gave them a awesome marble maze we plan on putting together for new!!!!

Uncle Ryan gave them a GREAT game for the Wii to play! Thanks!

Scott got a few gifts too...this one we can enjoy for a long time and laugh a LOT!

Chloe's new swing hooked up and she's LOVIN' IT!

Wii time...

The NEXT morning we were up at the crack of dawn ready to play with our new toys!

The Wii is a huge hit and we're all enjoying it!

Diggin's Scott's new Backstrom Shirt! LETS GO CAPS!

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