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Summer Trip in July and the month of August of 2016

On our way to Virginia

July 20th

Teenagers... they really slept most of the ride to VA.  When they were younger they'd watch a bunch of movies and play highway games like finding letters, words etc... we heard more snoring this trip!

Duke University

July 20th, 2016

Isaac was interested in seeing Duke and we set up a tour while on our way up North.  Isaac's always loved watching lacrosse and basketball for Duke and roots them on.  Although he thought the campus was awesome and it all looked great it wasn't for him in the future.  

Tour Time

Embarrassing the kids... taking pictures inside the room where it's super quiet waiting on the 45 minute talk about the college...ha ha ha

Time for the walking part of the Tour...
Yes, the dogs were with us!  
It was a first for our tour guide to have dogs on his tour

In Library

It was quite HOT

Weird People trying to lure us into their Van...

Cathedral was Breathtaking!

Onto the vacation...

We stopped in Fairfax Station at Grandma's for the night...enjoyed a grilled dinner, wine and playing some ping pong.

Maryland here we come...

July 22nd-July 26th

The next morning we were off to Maryland to stay with Granny and Grampy for a few days!

Growing like Weeds!

Kinder Park

One of our favorite places to take a walk when we visit them.  Grampy had to work, but we had some fun anyway.  The smell was not fun.  The heat was a bit much for us to stay too long.  Isaac was playing "Pokemon Go" so he was thrilled!



They are growing up too fast!

Sliding and Goofy Time...Grampy should be here for this business!  
Kids were about to race down the slide...

Chloe Wins...

Isaac burned his butt

Not the most comfortable 'slide'

"You Go...No Ladies First"

Swinging is fun even at this age!

3 Lovely Generations

Back home for some grub...first stop was Safeway though oh and Subway...

Isaac found this MONSTER SUB at Safeway for $5!!!!
It lasted a couple days!

Chloe's Request...
Pumpkin Pie Granny!!!!

Washington D.C. Day Tour 

Granny, Scott, the kids and I went  downtown and did a little tour of DC.  It was hot, but such a pretty day.  We went early enough to beat a big amount of crowds!  We are smart like that!

Lincoln Memorial 

Isaac holding Granny's hand helping her up the stairs

Korean War Memorial

Me and Mom Near the Vietnam Memorial Wall

 National World War 2 Memorial

Hagerty Girls Lacrosse Team Representing in our Nations Capital

Gallant's at the Washington Monument 

Scott had to take a pic to share with the lax folks back home

Chloe taking Selfies and Isaac's Playing Pokemon Go

Behind us super tiny Chloe's pointing at the White House

American History Museum 

National History Museum

Isaac and Granny

Anther day we decided shopping would be fun.  Got one picture from the Mall in Maryland Chloe thought it was so cool...yep those are Lacrosse Sticks!

 Scott went to Annapolis and other spots in Maryland instead of shopping...

Lacrosse Fields...ah yes all is well in the world!


Isaac Spent a lot of his time at the YMCA playing Basketball 
Chloe on the otherhand was Thankful to the neighbors for the cool down in the pool

Out to lunch with Family

Scott and Chloe went to Towson College to watch a girls lacrosse tournament then the rest of us met up at the Cheesecake Factory for lunch with Ryan and Sandie.

We left the Pups with Grampy and Granny while we went to Grandmas House

They had a great time and Bella even had a run away adventure!  She was returned.

See you soon Granny!

Back To VA at Grandma's House...

Heading out to Dinner 

 New York City

Grandma treated us to a day and half vacation in New York City!  The 4 of us plus, Grandma, Dave and Uncle Chris all took the train out of Union Station in DC early morning to get to NYC by 8am!

Representing Hagerty High School in NYC

Times Square Ball in the Back... right above the 2016

Grandma and Dave

Madison Square Garden All Access Tour

Old Part of the building they keep... from the original 1968

New Part of Building...

Look who was here on my birthday in 2002

There is more than just concerts, hockey and basketball here...look back in 2008 there was a Lacrosse Game!

Set up for a concert "Radio Head"

Knicks Locker Room 
The seat/chairs were huge!  

Rangers Locker Room...we sprinkled some bad mojo just for good luck!

Private Suites we got to see 

If you can afford that suite you have a pretty SWEET view of the entertainment

Extremely Elite Club

Pizza  Walk  Subway 

It is July in NYC...very HOT we must hydrate!

Wanna Guess Where We Are Heading...


Chris Isaac and Chloe to the Left...

Brooklyn Bridge Love Locks

About a 45 minute walk about town 

Courts and Law

Time for a Treat

Central Park

We 4 had wished we had lacrosse sticks and a picnic lunch...we could have spent an entire day hanging out in the park and exploring...just not enough time.

Chloe and Uncle Chris

Central Park Zoo

So hot the bear is laying in the water trying to cool down 

Time to try out the cabs... lets go back clean up and get some dinner

Looks Awesome At Night..but that's when even MORE CRAZIES come out to play

Time for Milk Shakes

That was a full day ...Chris said we did about 35,000 Steps that day!

Day 2 in NYC we have to be back on the train at 3pm so lets go go go!!!
Grandma, Dave and Chris went to the Statue of Liberty.  We did some other things before we met back up with them...

Time for shoe store for Isaac

Chloe picked up a I LOVE NY sweatshirt off the street vendor 

Ryan Suggested we go to Waffles and Dingies they had one near Baldwin Park so we had some breakfast there...what a cool place.  Free newspapers, Ping Pong Tables, and plenty of tables to enjoy the view of the park

I needed Starbucks


 NBA Store
Must say this was VERY COOL
Isaac was in Heaven

Real Size of Players Hands...WOW

This was actually a Bobble Head Statue...LOL!

Time for the NHL Store...
Scott was Happy to check it out, but not enough Capitals Items

Ovie Doll Stepping on Malkin Doll

More Walking

Nintendo Store
Pokemon Go is a very popular thing at the moment and they had places to plug in and play
Lots of Throw Back Games 

Chloe's Not Interested

Time to Check Out NBC

Pizza Break
Popular Little Place down a side street near Times Square 2 slices and a soda for $3

 Rockefeller Center

  Tour Time
Top of the Rock

That Green is Central Park...HUGE


Cathedral Below Cool View Looks Like Legos

Subway to the Train Time to Go Home
Kids Thought This was Odd...LOL

Back to Civilization 
And Puppy Pick up

About 18 hrs at the River house then headed back to FL

Back Home

Back Home with the Jeep doors removed taking a ride...

Eryk and Isaac

Eryk and Isaac used to play lacrosse together many moons ago.  Both Goalies and great friends!  Never fought over the position, but loved sharing it with one another.  Eryk moved to TX a while back and comes back to visit once in a while.  We got to have Eryk for a little bit and the boys enjoyed some time at the YMCA, playing basketball, XBox and first time Paint Ballers!

First Day of School

Breakfast Together 

Time to finish Primping 

They are so cute!

Not a Bad Sunrise

Isaac's Junior Year
How did 11th Grade get here so fast?!

 Chloe's a FRESHMAN
How are you now in High School?!

Super Cute Fun Shoes

Time to Go...

Heading out the Door Together

 Our View from the Backyard 
We can see you!  

Heading Back Home
We See You!



Isaac is easy to please... he wanted doughnuts for breakfast and pizza hut for dinner.  No problem!  

happy birthday to you 
happy birthday to you 
happy birthday dear little Isaac 
happy birthday to you

One of Granny's Special Cards

 Grandma's Card and gifts..
DVDs and Goodies!

Mom and Dad
Promise to get some new XBox games when they are released
and some goodies

 Lets Go Wake up and play some Basketball

Xbox... Best Friend and Pizza Time

Girls Bringing Isaac a homemade card and homemade cookies
Thanks Nathalie, Katie and (not pictured Alexis)

Nice way to end a birthday celebration playing darts, hanging out and eating cookies with friends.  

As for the rest of the month of August it went by in a flash.  School begins and things just start back into routine which we love.  Girls lax started up and that means Coach Scott and Chloe are very busy.  Boys lax starts up in September and we'll be on the sidelines soon  enough rooting on the kids.  Then it'll be back to a bunch of lax pictures!  ha ha ha

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