Friday, May 28, 2010

Fairy Tale Ball

Chloe's 2nd grade does a Fairy Tale Ball for the end of the year party. Today was their event. I was helping with decorating and it was a blast. The event was wonderful!

They did a circle dance and changed partners as they went. Then they sat down for lunch.


Chloe and her teacher the Queen

Next they did a dance with a partner Chloe had Peter as a partner.

There was a story teller in a Jester costume that was so funny!

The royal cupcakes!

Chloe's class along with another preformed "The 3 Little Pigs Rap" too funny!

Group or royal subjects

Not the best picture of me...but Chloe looks so sweet!

Manatee Watch

Last weekend we went to see some Mantee's out in the wild.

Kids peeking through the trees watching the Manatee splash around and play together.

A nose...

A tail...

Playing on their cute!

Butterflies near by too!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Animal Plant in my yard

I came outside to let the dogs out and had to get them back into the house quickly. I saw 3 bald eagle right by our fence! These are not good pictures due to me running to grab the camera and not having time to focus before they took off.

They were huge and the last one got something in it's claws!

Now I look in my pool and see another creature!

Scott came home from work for lunch to help me get the snake out of the pool. I wasn't sure if it could hurt me or not so I figured be safe and call him...guess I would have been fine handling it myself it was only a black snake.

Lizard shedding

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mothers Day Weekend

Friday after school we headed to Tomoka State Park near Ormond Beach. When we checked in to get our campsite they informed us of all the wild life we may see...
bobcat, gators, raccoon, manatee, snakes ...need I go on?!? We didn't see any of those which is fine by me. Although the first night I had to use the bathroom and I wouldn't go out of our tent..just in case there was a bobcat out there!

We went on a walk to see if we could spot anything. Every time the leaves would make noise I'd jump a mile!

Jelly Fish all over near the boat docks

I think they were being nice to each other...knowing I was behind them with the camera!

Scott really wanted to see a gator

Back at our campsite we got dinner ready

Dinner was going to take a while so we went on a bike ride to look for more wildlife. There were cactus all over!

There's were a billion catapillars on EVERYTHING!

Isaac's 1st Catch...well his only catches were shells!

Saturday Chloe was invited to a birthday party by her classmate Lexie. Before the party we went to check out the beach.

We went to Lexie's grandparents house near the beach to have lunch and cake then off to the beach for some fun in the sun!

Chloe could totally be a surfer girl!


Since moving here to Florida our kids have become beach bums. They LOVE IT!

Lexie and Chloe

Me...this is the life!

Sunday... Mother's Day

The boys went fishing then we had a quick bite to eat at the camp shop. We packed up the van and headed to the beach.

The sky had ZERO clouds...what a pretty day!

After a long afternoon at the beach we drove to Daytona where we had lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company...YUM!

My mothers day was wonderful after we returned home we took the dogs for a walk (they had spent the weekend with our friends). Then we jumped in the pool to cool down.

Hope ALL the other moms out there had a great day too!

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