Sunday, February 24, 2013


Spring Lacrosse Let the Games Begin!

February 23rd, 2013
A Tale of Two Goalies

It's official after weeks of practice we now have game one under our belts! Chloe's team had a few out for the weekend and we had 3 girls sick or injured, but still came to play. We have quite a few brand new girls to the team so there were some nerves too! With a bit of 'on the fly' changes on the sidelines by the coaches we were underway. This happened to be not such a hard weekend after all. The game was pretty slow going with us scoring quite a few times. Chloe even jumped in the goal at the last half of the game!

Isaac and I left Chloe's game with about 10 left because he had to be at his field down the road. Was nice this weekend having them close together! They got new uniforms this season instead of the purple we're now sporting lime green! Isaac got to his field able to watch the A team finish up their game. Isaac and Eryk share field time as goalies. Eryk was super board not getting to touch the ball but maybe 3 times the whole game! Nice to get a win, but also better to have a little competition! Isaac was on the B team this weekend and they did well too! Came out on top like the A team 9-1 in the end. Isaac got a little more action than Eryk. Always fun to watch Isaac play in the goal. He's very ALIVE in there!

We hit the mid 80's this weekend and the kids deserved a little treat after that hot afternoon on the field! We stopped at Jeremiah's Italian Ice.


Isaac and Chloe

February 2013

Some pictures of Isaac and Chloe

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