Thursday, September 27, 2007

This will always put a smile on a parents face...

I emailed Isaac's teacher to ask about taking him out early in the future and she replied to my question, but also added some wonderful words...

"It is truly my absolute pleasure to be Isaac's teacher!! He is a JOY to have in my class!!! He is ALWAYS attentive, actively participates in classroom discussions, EXTREMELY helpful and kind to his classmates and myself......what more could a teacher ever want than to have Isaac in his/her class!!"

I was at school yesterday all day for picture's and I ran into Isaac's music teacher. She said similar things about Isaac. We are so blessed to have such a great boy!

Monday, September 24, 2007


Saturday was Scott's birthday. We had fun at the kids soccer games and then got ready to go out to dinner with family.

We went to Old Town Alexandria to the Chart House for dinner. We got there a little early and walked around near the water with Mom and Michael.
Scott proposed to me down on a small dock almost 11 years ago. We showed the kids...was a nice walk down memory lane.

Here's a picture of us on 'our' dock...

There was a street performer on the main dock playing music and involving all the kids. Chloe jumped right in there to play an instrument and Isaac was right behind her. They all entertained us with a before dinner show.

Chris, Jane, Matthew and Ryan joined us for dinner. The food was fabulous and the company was great too.
After dinner we got to go to see the new house Chris bought. I wish my camera battery hadn't died on me. We ate some cake & ice cream and opened up birthday gifts.

Happy Birthday Scott, Jane, Ryan and Me! Happy Anniversary Mom and Michael!

After dinner on the dock was a man making things out of's my crazy night photo. Can you see Isaac and Chloe?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Fall Soccer has begun!

Unfortunately the first weekend that soccer started the kids had games that were at the same time at different fields. Since Scott is coaching Chloe's team he always goes with her. I heard she scored a goal or two and did pretty good. Isaac is back with his old team mates (most of them with a few new boys) and they had a great game. Isaac scored the very first goal of the game and another towards the end.

This past weekend was their second week and we were able to attend both games. Chloe did great! She was a awesome defender during the game and managed to score twice!

Chloe on her way to the goal...

Chloe after...

Coach Gallant...looking good! (Chloe's #8)

Isaac had a great game as well. He scored a nice goal and then an unintentional off his knee...but we'll take it!

Time to congratulate his buddy Thomas on a awesome SCORE!

We are not sure how both of them ended up with #8...

Adam and Chloe...what a pair!!

OK it's a big day when you get a new was for me! I was so excited about my new camera and the bad thing is you have to charge it for sometime before you can actually use it. By the time I had charged it up it was late and almost bedtime. Here are a few of the moments I captured...

Kids playing 'monkey in the middle in Isaac's room' before bed...

Isaac in bed with his buddies...

And for those who didn't know ... yes Isaac's walls (at least two of them) are orange.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

1st Day of School

Isaac was very excited about the first day, but also realized what it means...there is an entire year of this before summer comes again! That didn't damper his spirit. We headed up to the bus stop at 8am with our very good friends.
Isaac and Thomas have been going to school together since they started in Kindergarten. We see them every morning and afternoon.

Our neighborhood is not huge, but we learned it fills an entire school bus! We have 4 bus stops in our neighborhood and many kids at our stop...

Chloe's 1st day of Kindergarten...she was not a bit nervous. It does help to have your very good friend going with you!
Chloe and Adam went to preschool together for 2 years and now it's off to the 'big' school.

Grampy and Granny came to see Chloe off to her 1st day of school

The bus is finally here...bye sweetheart!
We are very fortunate to have our Vice Principal riding our school bus on the 1st day.

Their day is done and the kids all ride home on the same bus...

Today was good.
Today was fun.
Tomorrow is another one.
~Dr. Seuss

School Open House

Chloe was very excited about starting Kindergarten. She got to go into her class and see what it was like, meet her teacher and see some of her new classmates.

Chloe in her class after she drew a picture of herself and got a sticker from her teacher...

Chloe in the library...

Isaac was excited to see a few of his friends in his new 2nd grade class. His teacher is a big fan of teddy bears ... the classroom has many many different types of bears!

The kids with their school in the background...


Scott and I used to camp together before we had kids. We really enjoyed it and thought it would be a fun thing to do with the kids now that they are a bit older. We bought a big tent to accommodate us and lots of room for games. Scott did a trial run in the yard with the kids one night. Not sure it was the best night to go out...the heat index was nearly 100 ... the days before we had had some wonderful weather with little humidity it just so happened the heat turned up this day. They lasted till 10pm and Isaac's allergies/asthma started to kick in. Not to mention Dad and Chloe couldn't stop sneezing! Looks like the attempt was a lot of fun!

The Set Up

Play Time

It's getting HOT in here

Summer Comes to an End

We spent a wonderful Labor Day weekend at the river house. The weather was perfect so we spent a lot of time outside.
We arrived late on Friday night so after the kids spent some of their energy it was off to bed. Saturday morning there was no time to to the craft fair!
Chloe and Suzette

There was a face painting table and Chloe turned her face into a butterfly

Isaac decided on a long as it's just paint!

Grandma joined in on the fun and got a turtle on her arm.

While Grandma, Granddad, Daddy and Isaac when fishing Chloe and I stayed back to relax. Chloe enjoyed a long golf cart ride and the pool.

And this was my view from the chair swing ...relaxing!

When Isaac returned from his fishing trip (only one fish worth catching), but he got to swim in the big water with Daddy and Grandma...he decided to join Chloe in the pool.

On Sunday we decided to head out after a late lunch to beat the traffic on Monday. The kids were ready to go out on the boat again to swim in the big water. Grandma purchased "Big Bertha" to pull behind the boat... Now that looks like fun!

Labor Day Monday ... almost domes day because school starts the next day! Although the kids enjoy school and were very excited for their first day.
We did make the best of our 'last day' of summer. Daddy and Isaac went to play basketball early then I took the kids out for a bike ride. They saw the pool was open and asked nicely so we spent some time there...


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