Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

This year was a completely different feel than our normal Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time with our extended family!
We drove about 3 hours to Margate, Florida to the Blair's house. My best friend from high school Heather's parents. The weather was beautiful and the food was wonderful.

Chloe with her chocolate cake

Daniel & Alissa (getting married in March)

Isaiah & Bella


Howard & Heather

Damon & Elijah
Grandma & Lucy

Josiah & Chloe

Liz & Maria
Isaiah & Isaac playing ball out front

After our visit and meal we drove about an hour to Homestead, Florida to the Edward's house for a couple days. The kids were so happy to be with the boys. They had so much fun just playing with each other.

A walk to the park with 5 kids and 3 dogs...

The dogs did pretty good too! Their dog is also BELLA...a little confusing when we were talking to them. Also their Bella isn't very big she's a rat terrier and quite spunky. She really wanted to play with Bella and Lucy.

Watch out little Lucy!!!

Their Bella in OUR pups bed with OUR toys...she's so happy!!!

The kids had a great time in the backyard. Isaac and Isaiah spent half their day playing football back there. They have a pond with many ducks...Chloe enjoyed playing with them.

On the road again...
4 hour drive home is always fun...actually it wasn't bad

Bella seemed quite happy!

Once we got home the pups couldn't get enough sleep...they had a busy weekend!!!


We love our backyard!

Field Trip

Chloe's class had a field trip to Central Florida Zoo. I was lucky to get picked to be a chaperone. The zoo was a bit rustic, but still a lot of fun. I can't put pictures of her classmates online, but here are a few of her and some animals.

Chloe in her classroom

At the Zoo

We had a lot of fun! I really enjoy working with Chloe's class. I've been able to help with parties, reading tests twice a week every other week and get to have lunch with the kids anytime. Chloe likes having me around too and that feeling might not last so I take advantage when I can.

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