Tuesday, January 30, 2018


2017 December/2018 January


Always an adventure
Girls Lax 2nd Annual Sock and Cookie Exchange

Grandpa and Grandma Marilyn's House for Xmas

Christmas at home in Florida

Strange Boy in his Cat onsie ...gift from Chloe!

Isaac...photo bomber!

Trip to Maryland for Christmas

Two Beauties!

Loves her Grampy

Ryan's new gorgeous teeth!

Family Picture

Time to Make Cookies 

Grandma's House for More Celebrations

Snow Day

Road Trip to Check out old houses

Back in early 90's we lived in that Condo

Chloe's driving now!  

Winter Lacrosse Tournaments

Now it's time for the REAL fun to begin and the Spring Season of Lacrosse will start ...both kids on Varsity and LOTS of games to cheer on!

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