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Martin Luther King Lacrosse Tournament

Isaac's last game with the High School until he's actually in High School this coming Fall

MLK Tournament in Palm Coast, FL

JV Goalie Isaac

Isaac has had the honor in playing with a great group of young men from the High School he'll be attending next Fall.  They didn't have a JV Goalie for their Fall or Winter Ball and since it's a 'Club' organization and not through the school he was able to participate.  He'd love to play at the school for Spring Season, but no can do against rules.  Another boy Timmy has stepped up (he's a Junior who usually plays Defense) to be the Goalie for this coming Spring JV Team.  
Timmy got a chance this weekend for one half of the 2nd game he went into the goal to play and for the first time ever he did well!  Isaac was thrilled to also get into the 2nd half of the game using Timmy's D-Pole and play as a Defender!  He did well and actually threw himself in front of the goal to save one... can't say I've ever seen that before!  

Isaac needed and got a new goalie head for his stick this weekend and played with it...the first few throws were a bit off...he's got to get used to it.  Did great, but I think this season he'll do better than GREAT!

Apparently they were discussing all kneeling in front of the goal staring down the other team to intimidate them...LOL!  Gotta love these guys!

Carter what a genuine heart of gold this kid has!  We were lucky to spend part of our Sunday night with him and his mom (night before the tournament) watching a little playoff football and chowing on some Za!

5th Game of the Day against the Leprechaun's
This was their 2nd play off game and they lost in overtime.  Clearly they had a GREAT and FUN day! Ending up in 3rd Place over all...if this was the Olympics they'd win a Bronze Medal and be up on the podium!
Win or Loose there's a brotherhood with these boys and it's warms my soul to know they are truly amazing young men inside and out!

Also accepting an 8th Grader into your group with open arms... I love these guys!

Monday, January 06, 2014


Christmas Vacation 2013

Our Christmas Vacation with Family and Friends in Virginia and Maryland 2013


December 21st-23rd, 2014

Trying to fit in all our time to see friends along with all of our family is doing the impossible.  We managed to squeeze in some time with some people.  Here's a few memories...

Miller Family

Out to breakfast with our friends the Matt, Shawnie, Jordan and Nicky Miller at in Chantilly, VA
What a great place such good food...the muffins were to die for!

Me and Shawnie

The kids... 
Jordan  Nicky  Isaac  and  Chloe


We always have so many laughs when we meet up with Ms. Denise!  We love looking over the pictures of her adorable grandson Jameson and talking about what we've all been up to over the past year.  It's never enough time together, but we are grateful for what we do get!

The hat is classic Denise...what a find!  Chloe wore that all during Christmas break!  

Chloe earned her Braceface ornament this year!  Isaac got one last year.  This year Isaac's was a lacrosse ornament (photo didn't turn out).  I got a friends smores girl (so cute) and as always Denise manages to find a Capitols ornament for Scott!  

Maze Ball Game/Puzzle

Chloe and I painted our nails as soon as we got home to FL...and they smelled like cupcakes!

Kara's house 

My dear friend from High School Kara and I got a couple hours of visiting in plus I got to do my crazy hair and Lena's too!  She's such a sweetie!  Her son Milo kept super busy building and what not behind us!

Street's House

 Chloe had fun reading with Cameron in her room!  I didn't get pictures of the sweaty boys playing in the basement this year...sorry boys!

Family Christmas from Mom (Grandma)

December 22nd, 2013

Supernova Stretch Yukon Limousine Arrives at mom's in Fairfax Station, VA.  

Picking up the rest of our group Chris Trisha Gabri and Olivia in Alexandria, VA

Arrive at Gaylord Restort at National Harbor in Maryland for the tour of 
ICE Sculpture Exhibit
Winter Wonderland created entirely of 5,000 BLOCKS of ice weighing 2 MILLION POUNDS! hand-sculpted by 40 international artisans and kept at a chilling Nine degrees Fahrenheit

Kids faces in the snowflakes!  One of a Kind alright!

Isaac coming down the ice slide


Isaac and Grandma taking a Ice Taxi


Chloe in coming down the slide

Next Stop a photo op at the US Capitol and Supreme Court in Washington DC

Limo...girls waving at passer byers

Next Stop 
Baked and Wired Cupcakes 
in Washington DC

My Soy Latte Served with some Love

In the back of the shop you can write a note or draw a picture on a napkin and stick it to the wall

Next Stop 
National  Zoo
Washington DC
Zoo Lights!

Perfect timing the sun was just about going down so we could really enjoy the lights!  I highly recommend doing was a blast!  Lots of great lights and stuff to do too!

Looks like an animal or two just got loose!

Inside the small mammal house...

Next Stop
White House National Christmas Tree 
"Every year since 1923, there has been a National Christmas Tree. Continuing a tradition begun under President Coolidge, the lighting of the National Christmas Tree is a celebration of the holiday season. Though the tree has gone by different names over the years, a series of living and cut trees have decorated the grounds around the White House since President Coolidge's time."

The Pathway of Peace
"The National Christmas Tree and 56 smaller trees--one for each state, the five territories, and the District of Columbia--serve as the focal point for a number of events. Together, the 57 trees form the Pathway of Peace. Sponsoring organizations in each state and territory provide the tree decorations, which are protected from the weather by a plastic globe. The Pathway of Peace trees are usually lit from dusk until late evening. Other seasonal displays include large-scale model trains and Santa's workshop."
NPS PHOTO below from 2012

Our Photo's Below

Chloe and I in front of the 'Florida Tree'

In the Distance the White House

Great Photo Place...tree and White house in the back

Bunny and Chloe

Next Stop...and final stop 
El Centro Restaurant Washington DC

Time to get weird

Our little surprise here was the bathrooms...
There are separate doors for men and woman to enter, but once your in there there is no wall between us just some sink/tubs that keep us apart ...the only mirror is on the wall. 

Why Yes Sir I'll take a Margarita 

Chocolate Cigar ...YUM

Exhausted, but what an amazing day to have spent with family!  Thanks Mom for Everything!

Monday Night Hockey at Verizon Center

Capitals and Ducks Game with Jamie and Jen Street

Monday Decmeber 23rd, 2013

We haven't been to a Caps game in TOO long and what a fun night to spend with our dearest friends! Thanks for the fun!

Christmas Eve Morning

Time to get the Goodies ready for all the Christmas Partying!

Helping with the cookies...

Peanut Butter Snowman


Chloe set the table this year (with some help from Grandma) Chris and Olivia plus Cousin Nick joined us this year what a wonderful meal as usual!

Christmas Eve we are ready for a little movie time and a few games before it's off to bed and ready for the Big Christmas Day!

Christmas Morning 

December 25th, 2013

Grandma's House Fairfax Station, Virginia 

Grandma's Tree...looks like Santa showed up!

Not sure exactly why Isaac's loves DUKE so much
He was so super excited to get an authentic basketball jersey from Grandma 

Isaac and Grandma

Chloe opening a gift for Bunny's a mommy to a mouse named "Virginia"
'Twas the Night Before Christmas and All Through the House....'

Grandpa & Grandma Marilyn's House

Christmas Day Arrived at 11am 

Alexandria, Virginia

Olivia & Chloe keeping warm by the fire ready to tear into their gifts!

Lebron James Slides...oh Isaac is in Heaven!

Chloe will be sporting her new slides during lacrosse!

Traditional Bow Photo of Grandpa

Lucy wanted to join into the bow tradition.... she went overboard!

Aunt Carol & Dave

Gail, Chris, Lilly (dog), Olivia, Gabri & Trisha

Back To Grandma's to Open Gifts and Visit with Family

Traditional After the Craziness of Christmas family is over to get hopped up on Goodies!

 Kelsey who lives in Florida and we never see...she's promised to come see us in Orlando this year!

Meredith once a year we sit down and visit...good to see you as always!

Fawn with her silly dog Sam visiting from California...Cousin Nick who offers up his hand in Ping Pong each year and Aunt Wilma!  So good to visit with everyone and catch up!

Over the River and Through the Woods To Granny & Grampy's we Go!

December 26th, 2013

When we pulled up to the house it was snowing!  Enough to stick to everything and everyone!  It was a little gift to us!  Grampy and Granny were on the porch jumping up and down as we drove into the driveway!

The men at work trying to own it...

Christmas-opoly Board Game

Let the Tradition Begin....
It took 2 days...

Movie time...Chloe's movie (she watched over and over again...laughing so hard every time)

Despicable Me 2

Day 2   December 27th, 2013

Chloe multi- tasking making pumpkin pie

Time for a walk in the park...


A beautiful innocent walk in the park...not with this bunch of yahoos!  

The game is... push them off the path!

 A few attempts at getting a nice picture of us at the park...the sun was super bright!

Here's a good one!  

Lucy staying warm

Bella messing with the Chickens...she's a bird dog!

Cracker Barrel for Dinner

Home Again Home Again ... Jiggity Jig... Puzzle Done before Bed!

Chloe has had too much Pumpkin Pie ...complete sugar high

Movie time up in the man cave

Is she really going to sleep?!?!?! 

Time To Celebrate Christmas

Saturday December 28th, 2013

 Starting the morning off right with a little Starbucks!

Ryan and Sandie (and Izzy the doggie) 
Showed up to celebrate with us!  

Cleared Table and time to dig into more PIE

Ryan is wise to my camera tricks and won't take a bite until I put my camera away... he doesn't want me getting the shot of him shoveling pie in his 'pie hole'!

Present Time

Chloe got a new Bible!  She's already dug into it and is highlighting all sorts of wonderful things!

Looking at Pictures from our trip out West

We played this game "LOGO" from Aunt Carol and Dave... it was a hoot!  
Sandie and Ryan won that night!

A few attempts at a group photo...

The Ladies



Izzy...what a funny baby!

Sunday December 29th, 2013

Our last day here...very sad, but we made the most of it.  

Coffee with Ma before the rest of the house woke up

More "LOGO" Game Questions...

Isaac Showing Grampy some Basketball

Love Ya!  

Happy New Year!

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