Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Martin Luther King Lacrosse Tournament

Isaac's last game with the High School until he's actually in High School this coming Fall

MLK Tournament in Palm Coast, FL

JV Goalie Isaac

Isaac has had the honor in playing with a great group of young men from the High School he'll be attending next Fall.  They didn't have a JV Goalie for their Fall or Winter Ball and since it's a 'Club' organization and not through the school he was able to participate.  He'd love to play at the school for Spring Season, but no can do against rules.  Another boy Timmy has stepped up (he's a Junior who usually plays Defense) to be the Goalie for this coming Spring JV Team.  
Timmy got a chance this weekend for one half of the 2nd game he went into the goal to play and for the first time ever he did well!  Isaac was thrilled to also get into the 2nd half of the game using Timmy's D-Pole and play as a Defender!  He did well and actually threw himself in front of the goal to save one... can't say I've ever seen that before!  

Isaac needed and got a new goalie head for his stick this weekend and played with it...the first few throws were a bit off...he's got to get used to it.  Did great, but I think this season he'll do better than GREAT!

Apparently they were discussing all kneeling in front of the goal staring down the other team to intimidate them...LOL!  Gotta love these guys!

Carter what a genuine heart of gold this kid has!  We were lucky to spend part of our Sunday night with him and his mom (night before the tournament) watching a little playoff football and chowing on some Za!

5th Game of the Day against the Leprechaun's
This was their 2nd play off game and they lost in overtime.  Clearly they had a GREAT and FUN day! Ending up in 3rd Place over all...if this was the Olympics they'd win a Bronze Medal and be up on the podium!
Win or Loose there's a brotherhood with these boys and it's warms my soul to know they are truly amazing young men inside and out!

Also accepting an 8th Grader into your group with open arms... I love these guys!

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