Friday, January 25, 2013


Ari's 3rd Birthday

Sunday January 20th, 2013

My best friend Heather and her wonderful family came to Disney to celebrate Ari's 3rd birthday last weekend. We haven't seen each other in 2 years (although as soon as we're together it's like no time has passed). The kids fall right into place playing together too. It was a nice get away from New York City to be in the 'warm' Florida weather.

Ari's Princess Cake

Chloe and Ari on the patio of their condo

Ari (3yrs old)

Heather's parents were there and her brother with is wife. Also Damon's mom. It was a whole family event! We love being around each other just wish we had more time. Maybe one of these days they'll get stationed back in Florida and we can hang more and less time on the phones...ha!

Elijah (13yrs old)

Isaiah (11yrs old) with Isaac (13yrs old)

Birthday Girl

Chloe (11yrs old) realizing how she can save some of that chocolate cupcake for later in those new braces!

Isaiah and Isaac are two peas in a pod when it comes to sports! They had a great time playing basketball against Uncle Damon and Uncle Daniel.

Bathing Beauty Chloe

Josiah (8 1/2yrs old) with Chloe in the pool. Poor Josiah had the flu, but he was a on the mend so ready to join the fun!


Daddy's Girl

Mommy's Girl too!

Chloe and Elijah finding more room for cupcakes!

Isaac busting chops on getting the boys to play basketball

Me and my Bestie

Heather and I can be a little's how we stay sane

Miss them already and hope they can visit us this summer!!



Brace Face
January 16, 2013

It's official we now have both kids in braces!



It's been 10 days and she's still on softer foods. She prefers not to feel any pain. She's also still sporting her expander on the roof of her mouth. Not sure when that will come out, but for now don't put a medal detector near her face...there would be lots of bells and whistles!

She loves her new braces (and contacts) and is changing too fast for my taste. I want my crooked teeth...four eyed child I had back in November! What happened!!!

Monday, January 07, 2013


Christmas Up North

We are so blessed to have such great friends and family. We took our 4th annual trip to Virginia and Maryland for Christmas.

Our first stop was Jamie and Jen Street's house in VA. We made ourselves at home (as usual) enjoyed watching the kids run around like crazy. We visited and even our friends Mike and Monica (who are getting married this June!)showed up for a glass of wine. Wish we could have stayed longer, but we enjoyed the time we had.

The next day we drove about 2 blocks over to visit Scott's cousin Mike, Kelly and their 4 kids. It was maybe an hour visit because dates were messed up, but thanks for letting us into your beautiful home anyway! Their newest addition was napping, but we do get to see pictures online so that's ok. MJ took Isaac outside to toss the baseball around, but it didn't last long ...freezing out there!!! The girls Annabelle and Finley entertained us and also Chloe. Was great seeing you all and hopefully it won't be this long next time!

Our destination at Grandma's arrived later that day. The kids were thrilled to see some snowflakes and attempted to eat some.

The kids and I were very excited to get up and go visit our dear friend Ms. Denise the next day. We decided we'd have breakfast too so we all met at Panera! The manager might have been concerned when we didn't move for 3 hours! We loved every second of our visit with her. We exchanged gifts...too many, but oh so fun! She told us about her wonderful new grandson Jamison and brought the most adorable picture to show us. We were sad to see her drive away, but we hope to make this a Christmas tradition.

Our next stop was my friend Kara's house. Going to Kara's house is so walk in put your feet up and just chill out! It's GREAT! Laurel was there too so it was a great time to catch up on our year and just hang out with wonderful friends. Kara's kids are growing too fast. It feels like those are my kids...oh wait no mine are the huge one's running around the forest in the backyard! Laurel's little girl is becoming a little lady too! TOO CUTE!

Kara's Tree

Laurel Kara and Me
*Isaac took this photo a bit out of focus, but it works

A few more pictures Isaac took out in the woods...

Back to Grandma's house to give Scott his gift from Ms. Denise (she always seems to find something to do with the Capitals and this one is so cute!)

Grandma's friend Nila who lives in Oklahoma came to celebrate the holidays with us again this year. The pups remembered her right away and made themselves happy in her arms!

Nila cooking up a soup!

Christmas Eve

We got to spend the evening at Chris and Trisha's new house. We love the new place. It's big, but super cozy! Maybe all those Christmas tree's and decorations make it so welcoming?! They had 3 awesome tree's. One traditional, one Hawian and one Virginia Tech! The food was great including that awesome hummus! Wish I lived closer to that specialty store. They kept the beer and wine flowing as well. We had a nice treat to have Ronnie, Fe, Isabelle and their little 18month old Chase stop by for a few minutes. Fun to see the tiny ones at Christmas time.

Isaac enjoyed the meat on the stick (as he called it)

Chloe and Olivia went right into Cousin Mode! There were super happy to hang out together!


Kids were dying to open just one gift at Grandma's before we had to head out the door. Isaac said go figure it's clothes...but at least it was Capitals clothes so he was thrilled!
Chloe got a fun purse full of goodies!

Time to head to Grandpa and Grandma Marilyn's house for our traditional Christmas get together!

Photo BOMB...nice one Chris!

Dave and Aunt Carol

Uncle Chris letting Isaac know he should smell nice for the ladies

Isaac thrilled to have something to do with Airsoft! Goggles he wanted

Classic Photo

Trisha and Gabri

Olivia and Chloe found the dessert table

Boys playing the new game Isaac got "Who Would Win" if you don't have this game it is a riot! Totally fun!

Bunny Chillin'

Chloe being Chloe

This one can make you laugh every time!

Oh and if you didn't notice her without her glasses in a few pictures she's gotten contacts for the first time! She wears them off and on. It's strange to see her without she's had them since the 1st grade!

Now for the "time to go pictures everyone in front of the tree"

Trisha Gabri Gail Dave Carol Marilyn Larry Chris Olivia Chloe Isaac Me and Scott

Chris and Isaac being silly go figure!

Time for Grandma's Christmas Celebration

Kids excited to open gifts

Time for other family to show up to the celebration...

Ronda and her friend visiting with the girls and Scott. Chloe showing off her new Tablet she got from Grandma

Isaac and Grandma visiting

Gathered around the kitchen table catching up on all the news
Isaac Scott Peter Wimla Gail Gabri Trisha Nila and Chris

Olivia and her Grandma Gail

Dessert Anyone?

Chris was the winner

Isaac wasn't happy loosing to Billy twice by one point so he said "I'll See YOU Next Year"

Nick and his girls Shana and Jesse

Newly engaged lovebirds on the end Shana and Billy are getting Married November 2nd, 2013! Congrats!

Saying Good Bye for a few days and heading up to Maryland. We do like to shorten our drive home so we planned on coming back to Mom's for the night before we left, but Nila would be heading back home by then.

Time to leave in front of the Christmas Tree pictures

Excited to get to Grampy and Granny's house! Chloe was told to open one gift early...
It was the new Tinkerbell Movie. We had movie night with the family and dinner.

Peper was here in Spirit this year

Next morning the plan was to SHOP! First Granny had to share something on the computer with the kids. Also I had to take advantage of their HOME GYM! I did this daily. It was sure a lot of fun! Then Mom and I went to the mall! We also stopped at the grocery store for some grub! Mexican Night and a Christmas Movie on the tube. While we were out Scott got some work done (fun..not). Grampy took the kids to Lowe's and they had fun playing!

Granny and Chloe's Christmas Cookie Tradition

Lucy popping her head out with the mention of a treat!

Isaac looking at Airsoft wondering what to buy with all his Christmas money

Grampy checking out Chloe's new Tablet

Chloe, Granny and I worked on some Christmas snowflakes Ms. Denise gave Chloe. We decorated Granny's house with them!

Puzzle Time
Our Christmas Tradition
We did at least one a day they were always fun...ha!

Time for Christmas

Ryan, Sandie, Amal and Sarah (also Izzy) came to celebrate with us.

We decided to do a fun White Elephant game this year. Maybe a new tradition? Although these games are pretty cut throat this one was quite tame...we must love each other!

No one dare take away Sandie's gift ...because there was a threat of hurt behind it! LOL!

Ryan opened up a card game that was traded at some point with Scott's puzzle game.

Isaac stole (me and Chloe's) silly puddy and rubix cube combo

Granny and Amal ended up swapping out the cup and bird whistle

Time for opening gifts

Ryan made a yummy cake to celebrate birthday here and gone past. We had to sing so since the latest birthday was Izzy's we sang to him...but he didn't get the pleasure of enjoying the cake!!!

I like to get the big 'cake in the pie hole' shot of Ryan, but I didn't...instead I got him with the huge scoop of cool whip...although I think we all took that big of scoop! ha!

Time for Good Bye Photos!
Ryan Izzy Sandie Sarah and Amal had to go home

Our Family Shot which Scott missed because he ran to the store. I was gonna photo shop him in.

We got one of the 4 of us when he got back

Pretty Ladies!

Not sure who's cuter in this picture...ha!

Chloe clinging to Uncle Ryan's leg...please don't go!

Grampy & Chloe

Pups lovin' on Daddy!

Ying and Yang trying to get warm

Ma & Me

New Years Eve Day

Time to pack up and head back to Virginia. The good bye photos on the staircase.


We left Maryland and headed to visit our friends the Martin's in Virginia for the afternoon. To our surprise the kids grew a lot! They all fell right into place with each other and had a great time playing! Chloe said to me later "Amy is a lot like me...she's weird too. I like that we are different." If you know Chloe you know what she means...and yes I think Amy and Chloe are a lot alike!

Let me remind you the temperatures are in the low 30's! Adam is nuts! The cold doesn't effect this one!

Sue & Tom

Isaac looking to find the top of Tom's gosh he grew!

Adam loving on Lucy

Back outside for the traditional photos of the ever so growing children!

Isaac and Adam trying to make themselves taller by standing on their tip toes

Oh Girls!


Sad to say good bye to our dear friends, but we have hopes we might see them before next Christmas break! Thank you for having us in your home as usual it's so warm and inviting. Scott enjoyed his afternoon out with Brad to the new Brewery. I really just loving catching up with Sue and sitting on the green chairs in peace!

Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night!

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