Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Christmas Vacation 2014

Let the Festivities Begin

Friends...we wished we could have see everyone, but that never happens.. too little time!

Panera breakfast date with Ms. Denise!

 Quick trip to Julie's house for a 1 hour visit!

2014 Christmas Family Day with Grandma

December 23-24

Our adventure began on a trip departing from Grandma's house at 8am with the Florida Gallant family (plus dogs), Uncle Chris and Grandma of course....

We arrived at Salamander Resort and Spa located in Middleburg, Virginia


One of our Suites

 Chloe spent over an hour in this tub watching tv

I claimed the bathrobe and wore down to the 175 degree Sauna!

Bella and Lucy Checkin' Out the Bathroom

Off to the Stables

Equispective: Leadership and Communications Training

Bit Chilly Out and Drizzling!

Uncle Chris...brave soul to go first into the ring with GENT the horse

Chloe's Next!

Isaac's Turn..

Daddy and Gent
He 'made' Gent poop and fart as he ran around the circle right in front of all of us watching!

No, I'm not comforable

Grandma's Turn to give it a whirl 

 Now it's time to get warm and depart from the Resort for a little while... off to Leesburg for lunch!
Magnolia's at the Mill 

No rest for the weary time to head back and go on another adventure at Salamanders Resort...

Tree Top Views ~ Zip-lining Excursion

Okay...we are geared up and ready for insturction

Zip Guides Camera...

Three Stooges in the back of the golf cart...

Time to chill out a bit... dinner at the Gold Cup Lounge and some time for pool, sauna and exercise room!

Roasting Marshmallows and Making S'Mores at the Firepit

Now to get a great nights sleep in the beautiful rooms...thanks Mom (aka Grandma)!

Breakfast at Harrimans

 Good~Bye Horses

Over the River and Through the Woods to Grandmothers House We Go

Christmas Eve....

Games anyone...

Isaac and Lily (Uncle Chris's baby)

 Chloe's Gingerbread house Creations...

I have the purple hair and Isaac is next to me...he's got leaves in his hair from rolling in the grass.  Dad is on the other side of the house...bald.

Christmas Day

Elves handing out gifts

Chris knows the Jersey was a HIT

Wish we could spend more family time together!

Grampy and Granny's House

December 26th~30th, 2014

Shopping, gifts, puzzles, basketball, movies, eating in and out... 
Family Fun time!

Great gift from GG John and Tudy!  We love their new picture now we can 'see' them everyday!

 Ryan, Izzy, Sandie, Fatima, Amal and Sarah

Happiest of Holidays!  

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