Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Isaac's 10th Birthday

Isaac choose to go to MGM Hollywood Studios Disney for his 10th birthday. It's hard to believe he's double digits!

We got the Birthday Fast Pass so we could ride our favorite rides a few times each and we headed straight for "Woodie's Round Up"...Toy Story Ride.

While the birthday boy, Daddy and Grandma went to ride "The Tower of Terror" Chloe found a fun craft to do.

Grandma and Chloe

We all LOVED "The Rockin' Roller Coaster"!!! Even waiting in line can be fun!

Their is a movie set of San Francisco we visited...since we were just there it was pretty fun seeing it in Florida!

We saw the Muppets 4D movie again...

Time for an ice cream was hot out there!

Meet the CARS
Lightning Steve McQueen & Mater

3rd time was a charm for Isaac...
Each time we've come to MGM Isaac hasn't gotten up on stage to participate in the Jeti Training. We went 3 time TODAY and he finally got called up!

Don't go to the Dark Side Isaac!

Great Job fighting Darth Vader Jeti Knights!

Isaac got a certificate for his Jeti Training

What a great way to spend a birthday!

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