Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Just when you think your yard belongs to you...

Today I was all alone. Grandma had the kids over night so she could take them to her company picnic today. I woke up with Scott around 6:45am and had breakfast with he was leaving I asked him "what do I do with myself today?". I decided that would be a great moment to run in small circles and scream like the kids tend to do when they are excited!

I made the most of it...cleaned out the storage room and worked in the yard. Here's where the title to this blog begins.
I had to tackle the over grown holly bush (it's not a's a tree). A bird has decided it belongs to her and not the Gallants. I started out under the 'tree' and was trimming it while Ms. Birdy squawked at me from the ledge of our garage (only a few feet from my head). She then flew to the neighbors tree and also on the railing to their front door. I had to get on a ladder to trim the top...this is were it got ugly. She would dive bomb me squawking and I never knew from which spot she was coming from. I worked as quickly as I could then I had to pick up all the trimmings. She was relentless! I started yelling into the sky and waving my rake in the air (if the neighbors were watching me...I must have looked like I'd completely lost it)! My crazy lady act did NOT scare Ms. Birdy. So for all of you who have crazy birds in your yard...STAY CLEAR!

After my traumatizing morning outside I needed a little retail therapy so I went to the mall.

This story does have a happy ending!

Was Ms.Birdy nesting in your tree? Did you cut the limbs down to expose her babies! What kind of neighbor are you? I hope Ms. Birdy isn't one of those annoying Blue Jays! The are aggressive and mean.
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