Friday, April 06, 2007

Driving Test

Isaac passed his test with flying colors over the weekend.

Isaac in reverse...

He's very cautious, easy on the turns (almost stops), and never drives too fast...

Drives a bit slow even for a dirt road

Now for Chloe... Chloe is not as cautious, sharp on the turns and drives too fast!

"She's a bit reckless" says Grandma.

Chloe passed because she's cute.

Not sure what we're gonna do with Grandma

Taking away her licence seems a little extreme

Bath time

Short story behind this last incident...
Scott and I were back at the house relaxing when the phone rang. It's mom (aka Grandma) on the other line laughing so hard we couldn't understand her. Isaac was yelling in the background "It's ALL Grandma's Fault" and Chloe was screaming (not scared, but have fun type of scream). Scott got Grandma to calm down a bit and she gave us directions to find them and help get the golf cart out of the mud. We came with video camera in hand to get the footage! As Grandma and I pushed Scott pulled and Isaac was punching the gas came out and so did a ton of mud on Grandma!

This may seem like a familiar scene to Darleen when we were all in North Carolina this past December. Thanks to Shelley for the mud bath she gave her Momma and me.

Funny story!
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