Sunday, January 31, 2010

Guy's Day of Singing

Isaac was asked by his music teacher at school if he would like to participate in a day event for music. It's held by Seminole County Public Schools and it's their 3rd Annual "Guy's Day of Singing". Isaac is game for any type of music!

I took him and was able to chaperon the boys from our school for the first 2 hours. They got started at 9am and had a concert at 2:30pm. Isaac's group learned 4 songs. One was sung with the older 'changed voices' group and it was an African song.

This is Isaac with his group from school and their music teacher

There were 300 boys who signed up to sing in this event. They were given the music and taught how to sing it in the few hours before the concert at 2:30pm. It was so beautiful and just awesome!

This is the Treble Voices Choir (smaller group of younger boys)

They sang 3 songs:
Music Alone Shall Live
A Tragic Story
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

The older group was mostly made up of Middle and High School boys a few were Elementary. They sang 3 songs as well:
Laudate Dominum (Psalm 117) sang it in German
Marry a Woman Uglier Than You (funny one)
Tell My Father, From The Civil War

This is the 2 groups together they sang: Somagwaza in Traditional African

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