Monday, August 20, 2007

Isaac's 8th Birthday August 14th, 2007

Scott decided he'd take a day off and we'd surprise the kids by taking them to Kings Dominion. I thought they would flip out when we drove into the parking lot (we didn't tell them where we were going), but they asked if it was like a fair. Honest question so we said "Yes, a HUGE fair." Needless to say they had a GREAT time and the older folks did too!
Our first ride was the Scooby Do Roller Coaster. I don't ever remember this being scary I must be getting a bit old! Isaac went before us and said it was scary, but AWESOME! Chloe didn't think it was so awesome...she did think it was a scary!

Time for the carnival rides which the kids really enjoyed. They loved the bumper out world!

The merry-go-round wasn't thrilling, but they still enjoyed themselves.

Daddy and Isaac flying high! Chloe was a bit to short to ride on some of the rides, but once she saw how high they went she didn't mind staying on the sidelines.

After spending 3 hours on the rides we ate some lunch and got ready for the water park. I didn't get many pictures here due to all the water... We spent about 5 hours at the water park. The kids couldn't get enough of the lazy river and inner tube slide.
Chloe was under 46inches so she had to wear a life vest while on the water slides..she didn't mind...

Isaac coming down backwards... ahhh!!!!

Last but not least one of the kids favorite character's SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!

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