Monday, June 18, 2007

Isaac's Play

Isaac had a play at school. He played the Inn Keeper that stole from the boy. Lovely values, eh! He had a great time and did a wonderful job.


The corner of the desk in the right hand side of this photo is Isaac's. This is a lovely pot he painted and planted us a flower. It's a symbol of how much the children had blossomed this year. Everyone read their parts in the play and did a awesome job.

School's now over and he'll soon officially be a 2nd grader! He's very excited about next year and insists we shouldn't do homework this summer. I think we should vote!

I love the way the inn keeper has a pet lamb in one of his rooms.(Isaac's painting)
Tell Issac I want the room with a lamb, because I love lambs.
I agree with Isaac, no homework.
Just reading books he's picked out at the local library.
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