Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Day 2

The big house is still under construction. We spent some time relaxing on the back patio. In the afternoon it's shaded and there is a wonderful breeze off the water.

Ryan spending some solitude on the docks fishing unsuccessfully. We came down to see if he'd rather take his fishing gear out on the boat.

Chloe taking a break...

The kids both got a chance to drive the boat...watch out world!

We caught 5 fish on our adventure. And do I mean ADVENTURE!!! Did you know that baby fireflies hang out on the water? We know that now! We got bomb 'boarded' and had to change locations on the water a few times. We also now know Chloe is terrified of bugs. It's hard to explain the anxiety she went through, but she spent a lot of time under a towel in my arms so she couldn't see or feel them. Otherwise she was screaming in terror.

Isaac caught the 1st and then the largest fish while we were out there. He then proceeded to ask us all if we would like him to touch our poles for good luck.

Ryan got a crocker too!


Kicking back with Daddy on board...

Back to shore to take a dip in the pool...

What a handsome boy!

Our Pool Boy and Bathing Beauty...

We've tried our hand at fishing it's now time to crab! We checked the crab traps and it was very successful with 20+ crabs!

I love fishing! I think Isaac and his angels watching over him must enjoy the sport also.

I feel for Chloe,flying bugs love me too! It must be my shampoo I use.

The house is a castle! How beautiful and grand it looks on all that acreage!

Chloe driving a golf cart near water's edge...and the boat!!! Oh my gosh. She's got her angels working over time.
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