Thursday, October 16, 2014


2014 July

Chloe's Lax Maniax Heatwave 7v7

July 11-12, 2014

What a great weekend of lacrosse...but bloody hot!  Oh that's right it's called HEATWAVE!

Pictured below Chloe getting shoved from behind...these REV girls ended up getting asked to leave the following day!  YIKES!

Chloe on the bench...
Maybe she figured if they were dirty she might be?  No... she just got to close to the goalie and the Ref didn't like it.

Out my way!  
Pass completed!

Oh yea...that was a GOAL BABY!

Watch out coming back for another!


Rain delay... 

Sunset in our Awesome backyard


Summer Virginia Trip

The kids took a road trip with mom to Virginia and Maryland this summer.  Getting our house on the market was going to take some work.  Had to take care of some business while we were there.  

Our Play Room

Very sad to see this wonderful room go... the Realtors thought it was beautiful though and said to leave the fun paint and this way the new owners can do something fun there too!  So I added to the wall with the kids new 'prints'....




Sleeping Arrangements out in VA house
We didn't all share a bed we had our own, but one night it was movie night so we cuddled!

Sadly painting OVER my kids growth charts in the pantry 

 Chloe out by the creek across from our house in VA

Grandma's house for some fun filled family fun and early celebration for Isaac's 15th birthday!  
His favorite Grandma's Chocolate Cake!

Decided to keep it hush hush and surprise Granny and Grampy!

Time to say good~bye till Christmas!

Back to Florida...

Fun stuff for our soon to be high schooler going on....

His Freshman Orientation at Hagerty High School!

Then we had Isaac's Goalie Friend Eryk who moved away to TX last year come and stay with us a couple nights.  Boy these boys just fell right back into place! 

And this ends out July 2014 events!!!  

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