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February ...Check

February 2014

I guess the first thing I think about for February is Valentines Day...not that we're big celebrators of this 'holiday' but it's something you can't really miss since it's all around us!  

A Couple Sweet Valentines Headed to School

Valentine Selfie
I actually worked the day at the elementary school in their book fair for a friend of mine that needed the help fun day to be around all those little kids...hopped up on sugar!


February 15-16

Then of coarse the Official Start of Spring Lacrosse Season

Isaac had a 2 day mini tournament up North near Jacksonville, FL
They won all their games not a ton of competition, but still fun to watch the have a good time.

Day 2 Chloe and Scott came to the games with us
Chloe brought the dogs and they were a big hit!

Needs a hair cut and doesn't want one...ugh!

Isaac and Owen (one of if not his favorite defender!)

Isaac running up the field ...favorite thing to do!

Doin' some sort of winning handshake with the boys

Scott and Chloe messin' around

These opponents were small

February 22

 Apopka, FL

Another day another lacrosse game... Isaac's team played the Patriots (Lake Brantley) in a foggy morning game.  There was a lot of yelling on the sidelines.  Isaac shared his goalie opportunities with another boy. Isaac played almost a full 3 quarters of the game except for part of it when he caused a penalty and spent time in the box.  The boys won 10-3!

Penalty Box

 Later that same day....

Sanford/Lake Mary, FL

After Isaac's game was over we rushed over to catch the last half of Chloe's first game (younger girls) where she scored 3 goals (we saw one) and 1 assist.  The second game she played (older girls) she played some amazing defense most of the game then when she was on offense she scored another goal!


February always seems to fly right by and then March is here...we've got SO much going on in March so look forward to taking lots of photos!  And don't forget your green on St. Patrick's Day!

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