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Southern Alliance Lacrosse Tournament in Peachtree City, Georgia

Chloe's 1st Lacrosse Tournament 

June 7th-9th, 2013 

Peachtree City, Georgia

Chloe had her first official lacrosse tournament this past weekend with the LaxManiax.  She was grouped with the youngest group of girls "LaxManiax Futures" with girls from her age up and coming 6th graders to up and coming 8th graders.  
The drive up to Atlanta was long 7-8 hours, but exciting to go to her first tournament.  Scott had been in Missouri all week for work so he didn't make the drive with us, but flew into Atlanta Airport  Friday night and I picked him up from there.  
We had stayed at the Westin where strangely enough Disney was filming a movie.  We leave the Disney area and go to Atlanta where they are filming!  The hotel was bustling with film people and tons of wires, lights and all sorts of crazy stuff.  The kids and I were asked to leave the pool area so they could film and later that day the bar was cleared out and the people there got tickets for free drinks!  The actors were doing a scene in the pull up area right out front of the hotel and I about ran right into Surja Sharma (guy from 'Slum Dog' and 'Life of Pi' movies).  One of the lax girls had a pic on her IPhone with him and was just cute!  Some other actors there were Jon Hamm, Bill Paxton and Alan Arkin.  
Back to lacrosse...
We had to be at the field at by 8:15am so we were rising at 6:15 to get up ready and on the road.  Hotels are sparse when there's a tournament in town and we ended up near the airport so it was a 40 minute drive to the lax fields.  

Day 1

Katie (KW)  Chloe   Reagon (Reggie)  Team Kryptonite

These girls are from Chloe's regular season team (the one Scott coaches and Reggie's dad helps out).  They are a grade higher than Chloe.  Great hanging out with them all weekend!  
Thanks for the photo Dawn!

Game 1 @ 9:30am  vs 'Hot Lanta'
We Won 8-5

At warm ups there was a picture taken of the girls...Scott happened to be over there and got a quick pic with his cell's a bit grainy, but Chloe is bottom far right!
The coaches are grads from Jacksonville University.  They were so great and positive all weekend!  

One of the many fields

Chloe taking a face off...she did many of these this weekend to our surprise!

Chloe Scores a GOAL!

Chloe's signature move (Question Mark Dodge)

 Look at this coverage of girls and little munchkin gets in there and scores!

So excited and so proud!

Chloe and Katie

Game 2 @ 11:10am vs 'Green Light'
We Won 8-4

Chloe with the ball center of field

Game 3 @ 1:40pm vs 'Queen City Stars'
We Won 10-7

She does it again!  Chloe Scores another goal!

Same move she's unstoppable!  Go Chloe Go!

After the goal...Great smile!

A girl smaller than Chloe!  Shocking!

Game 4 @ 4:10pm vs 'Lady Hawks'
We lost 4-7

I'm not making excuses for our loss at all...but I'd like to say a couple things about this game.  We found out later this was an 'extra game' for us a bonus.  They were in a bit higher playing level.  We also didn't have a goalie for part of the game (equipment issues).  Actually our team doesn't have a designated goalie AT ALL!  So one of the many girls on the teams steps in and takes a turn or two.   

At one point they turned this goal over w/out the goalie, but then turned it back on it's right side still w/out our goalie.  They scored 3 on us while we had no goalie (they won by 3).

Finale score...

Back to Hotel


Day 2


 Home...tent city
We had prime spot up on a bit of a hill so we could see a couple of the fields
Scott and Isaac middle/right of photo

No trophy this time around...

Can always find her with her odd ball socks on

Take this mean team!

Game 5 @ 9:30am vs TSL Purple
Won 9-3

Hot morning so a much needed break!

Girls tossing around BEFORE warm ups..they didn't want to sit for too long..ha!
Chloe bottom left of photo (socks!)

Game 6 @ 12:00pm vs Carolina Flight

Tournament over now...nice to know this team we lost too ended up winning our division.
They were tough!

Chloe with the ball

Isaac's never had to sit on the sidelines for a weekend tournament before it's usually Chloe at his tournaments.  He now has a new appreciation for it.  He was a great cheerleader for Chloe all day!

Now for the drive home... what a long weekend!  Scott started yawning so I offered to drive.  I figured he'd take an hour or so nap, but turns out I drove for about 4-5 hours.
Isaac's neck looks like it's gonna snap off!

All in all what a wonderful weekend.  We were not sure what to expect from this team or coaches.  We don't practice regularly with all the girls.  The girls on her team are from different areas in Florida.  They come together for these tournaments.  It was wonderful.  We found the families and girls to be very sweet, fun and yet competitive too!  What a great experience!

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